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SMART Portable Electric Tourmaline Hair Straightening Brush

I love having my hair in great shape and looking great daily! However, it does take some work and with the right tools, I can look great all day long! So I was excited to have found a hair tool that is easy to use and works great to keep my hair tamed and frizz free, thanks to a new brush known as the Smart Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush by a company online, Marketplace Deal
This isn't quite like any typical hairbrush I ever owned or is it like one you'd find in a store. Instead, you are getting two products in one, a straightener and brush in one! I really think the entire idea is clever and doesn't cause you to have that flat hair without any natural look or life to it. The Smart Ceramic Straightening Brush gives you such more smooth, frizz free, and natural looking straight hair. I just love how easy it is to use, simple as brushing your hair!
When you turn the device on, you have options to how hot you want to have it. Plus, there are no restrictions on the hair type that can be used. It's just perfect for thick or thin hair and gives every curly or frizzy hair a look of perfection, well that is my opinion by my results. Also to mention the temperature starts at 175 and goes up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. You really don't need to go super high, but if your hair is thick, it can help. For me, the lower setting is just fine for my loose curls and I find I can be out the door in seconds after a few passes. I mean, it just works like a real hair brush, no struggle to get the brush through my hair and no pain from the heat on my head. 
Unlike many straighteners, you won't' have to fear of burning your forehead or the side of your head with this hair tool. It's something I wish all hair tools could provide, ease of use and no burning.
However, anyone can use this, even your daughter growing up and wanting to straighten their own hair.  Finally, with ease of use, a flexible cord, and a simple design, you get lovely straight hair without the damage. Plus, it can be used often as every day, so no fear of frizzy and uncontrollable hair every again! I just love it so much!!
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Product Information:
  • PATENT DESIGN, CERAMIC, DIGITAL LCD DISPLAY 175-450°F (80-230°C) - utilize the latest hair care technology that will change your hair styling routine
  • SAFEST ANTI-SCALD TECHNOLOGY - all components are manufactured with top quality DuPont high-temperature resistant materials backed by CE, FCC and ETL certificate to prevent scalding and burning; 30 min. AUTO-OFF
  • SIMPLE, CONVENIENT and EASY TO OPERATE - digital LCD display for accurate temperature control; DUAL VOLTAGE 110-240V ~50-60Hz to ensure fabulously looking hair even when you travel everywhere around the world; easy SWITCH °F/°C by pressing both "+" and "-" key; 360° SWIVEL CORD for best straightening results at any angle
  • SLIM DESIGN - the unique comb - like design, which allows you to straighten the hair simply by brushing it.
  • FAST - 23 ceramic heating plates maintain constant designated temperature distribute heat evenly from roots to ends; with each brush stroke you also straighten your hair, without sectioning hair.

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