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Sciaticare Muscle and Pain Relief Instantly

To feel your best is something everyone wants, but when you work out hard and do all you can in a day, the body starts to feel not so great and a bit more achy than you'd like to feel. Therefore, massaging can come in handy and especially if the body is suffering from muscle pain. We use our arms legs, back, and pretty much the entire body daily. It doesn't even matter if we are sitting all day, our bodies are in use. That is why I am so happy to have found a wonderful company that supplies you with tools and soothing rubs that will make those achy pains vanish!

The company August Point Wellness (Battle Balm) on Amazon has a wonderful selection of Sciaticare products. The two I was able to try is The Knobby HD "Heavy Duty" and Penetrating Muscle Rub. They both are made to help relieve the pain in the muscles, digging deep and taking out those knots and hard to reach trigger points.
There isn't anything greater than a rub that can make all the pain go away, especially in the muscles. However, many tend to leave a stain or a strong scent, not that I don't mind smelling like a minty lifesaver, but sometimes it can be a bit much! That is why I really am glad to have tried the Penetrating Muscle Rub by Sciaticare. It's not only very easy to use, without leaving my hands sticky or greasy, but it also isn't smelly! The formula is made with 15 powerful herbs, natural and super powerful to help reduce swelling of the muscles and tendons and ligaments.  As always, you would have to work it into the area you want to heal and allow the product to get absorbed, which it doesn't take long to penetrate the skin and muscle, but I always love to keep massaging the area for a better build of circulation. 
Afterward, you will end up with a warming sensation, that leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth and the muscle feeling at ease, like you didn't lift that 50lb box or through a ball and ended up with a pain shooting across your back. No matter the activity, this is a lifesaver for all of your muscles and comes in a convenient small round container, perfect for packing and traveling anyplace you go. 

There isn't anything more lovely than a natural herbal product that can fight pain and leave you feeling great instantly! Plus, even improve the skin with its many wonderful oils and ingredients listed. Finally, if it's achy hands from arthritis, possibly overuse of one muscle, or maybe you just pulled something by stretching, well this rub will give you total relief and make you feel
like yourself, without all the pain! I honestly love the light scent, the quick results, and the no greasy feel I get with every use!

Product Information:
  • Long Lasting, Deep Penetrating Analgesic Muscle Rub Made from ALL NATURAL Ingredients.
  • Use on Arthritis Pain, Bruises, Muscle Strains & Pulls, Tendons & Ligament Sprains!
  • Non-Greasy Formula. 15 Powerful Herbal ingredients to help reduce swelling, improve circulation, and heal injury!
  • Contains the Purest Organic Jojoba Oil for Maximum Absorption Into the Skin.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee.
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The Knobby Heavy Duty is similar to their regular set, but with a deep and stronger strength to the ball allowing for those super tight areas to be worked out easily! I normally only use it for a short amount of time and I feel instant relief! Especially for my slightly flat feet, I can get the centers worked out and feel 100% better fast! 

I don't always work out hard or walk many distances daily, but after awhile my body gets achy just for sleeping the wrong way, sitting in the same area all day or even possibly out of doing nothing, I get a feeling of fatigue in my feet and body. So when I need to wake my body up, I massage it! Now when I use the Knobby HD, I can get a fast massage that will penetrate the muscles deeply and boost circulation. 
The two pieces that this wonderful set includes is the ball with knobs that will not only work into the muscle but reach deeper, and aim in those hard to reach areas. The other item is a handheld roller. You can use this for so many areas of the body. It's made of strong, durable wood with a smooth feel and is designed to help aim all parts of the body, due to the size and design. You can take either piece, which they are attached so you will never need to misplace one or not have both at an easy grab when needed, and work them on many parts of the body like using the ball to help target the back, the feet, the palms of your hands and possibly use the wood hand roller to relieve those tight arm muscles, leg muscles, and even your back! However, it really doesn't matter because they both will work hard enough to take out the pain and build circulation back towards the skin no matter where you use them. 
Finally, for a wonderful health gift, this is a great set! Especially, for yourself or for a friend, you can help them feel great always with the gift of massage. I know this is a set I am very proud to own, as it's been a hero of mine since I got it!
Product Information:
  • Treat Stubborn Sciatic Pain From Muscular Tightness
  • Based on Principles of Acupressure and Trigger Point Therapy
  • Handle Provides Easy Placement of Ball For Precise Trigger Point Deactivation
  • Treat Other Types of Pain - Neck, Shoulder, Back, Feet, and More!
  • SIMPLE to Use. EFFECTIVE for Chronic Pain. VERSATILE for Many Types of Pain.
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If you'd like to get a set similar to the two above or try another wonderful Sciaticare product, check out the shop August Point Wellness (Battle Balm) for your instant relief!


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