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The Power Guidance Ab Exercise Mat is more than just a great way to stretch the back, but an aid when it comes to working those abs! Many have trouble doing crunches, which you always need a helper to hold your feet or the tail bone can be a bit crushed or in pain due to the floor.
However, this mat allows you to move your body without a partner or the pain from the floor. 
It actually has that extra support to keep you bouncing up with ease and cushioning around the back and lower back to avoid any hurtful pain you get when you lift your body up and go right back down. The quality is superb with it's durable, non-slip leather cover, a super thick foam inside and the design that is made to form to fit the back, allowing you the support to do all different
style moves.
Plus, it's not super huge, won't take up much space and is lightweight, so you can travel with the Power Guidance Mat anyplace you want. So no worries about stopping your routine workout, when this can go with you and help you achieve your health goals.  
I think if they had this in the military, it would have helped so many especially during boot camp. Plus, for schools, if you ever had to do crunches and on those hard wood floors it can be a bit of a pain, but with this mat, you feel so much more comfort, almost like you don't have to work hard to build better abs, and you don't need a partner. Finally, the quality of this product is outstanding and no matter who you are, this really does make crunches and ab workouts so much easier to do!
Product Information:
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY - Streamlined dual-color design, made from PVC leather and high-density foam, provides complete isolation of your ab muscles during crunches, leg lifts, and sit-ups
  • FULL RANGE OF MOTION - POWER GUIDANCE abdominal mat is designed to offer a full range of motion while targeting the entire abdominal muscle group.This allows you to complete core workouts more effectively and exercising your abs, back, and obliques.
  • SAFE, LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE - can be taken anywhere with you; Stays firm and won't slide or wobble so you can focus on the workout instead of worrying about stabilizing your body
  • EASILY TARGET ABDOMINAL MUSCLES - The curved shape design allows your abs to get a proper stretch on the bottom portion of the movement followed by a complete contraction at the top of the movement
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - At POWER GUIDANCE, we fully stand behind our products. If you don't 100% love our products, please don't hesitate to contact us.
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