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Potentcera Wireless Motion Sensor Light Bar

The Potentcera Wireless Motion Sensor Light Bar is very handy and such a wonderful design for the closet! I actually had a light before like this, took so many batteries and actually I never used it! This is totally much more eco-friendly and saves you money! The LED light attaches to any place you may need some light to see, like the closet or maybe even under a cabinet. This is due to the adhesive piece that attaches on the back, allowing it to be placed all over, without adding screws or damage to any material you place it on. 
The light itself recharges by the USB Cord included and lasts pretty long. The light does have the option with 3 different modes like off, always on or motion detection. The one I use often is motion detection so I don't need to worry about wasting the lights charge and have it on all day and night long. Plus, I can get a visual of what I am looking for when I need the light to turn on, It's a great hands-free way to view anything in a dark area. Also, this doesn't take too long to charge and attach to any part of the wall, furniture or anyplace you want to place it. Also to mention, that you don't need to fear the adhesive ever becoming unattached because you don't need to remove this off the wall. Instead, it's the first part you place down on the wall or where you want to have it. Then, you take the LED Light and the magnet on the back keeps it positioned onto the adhesive sticky, so you will never have to worry about removing and replacing when you need to charge it up again.

This is quite a nice product and can come in handy when the rooms are super dark and there is no way to see what is in front of you. Finally, with an easy light, this is something that doesn't require too much attention, just to charge it up and the rest is taken care of.  I always loved motion lights, it makes it easy to get a better view when heading in that direction but doesn't disturb anyone when no one is near or by the device. 
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Product Information:
  • ★Automatic motion detection and light sensing: When the sensor in the 3m / 9.8ft detected within the body movement, the motion sensor light will automatically light, and out of its sensing range after 15 seconds off. If the light sensor detects enough light, it will not light, even if the movement has been detected, energy saving and eco-friendly.
  • ★The rechargeable motion sensor light easy to install, high sensitivity, low power consumption, long service life, aluminum alloy shell.
  • ★Save Money: Built-in lithium battery-powered, The LED motion sensor light can charge through the PC USB port with the USB cable. No wires, no need to replace the battery, save money.
  • ★ Excellent lighting performance: 10 white energy-saving LED light-emitting a bright, non-flickering, give you a comfortable feeling. The light-emitting panel provides strong and uniform light, without harsh glare or shadows.
  • ★ After-sales service: If you are not satisfied with our products, we will return your full payment within 30 days. For our products have any questions, please contact us promptly, we will reply you within 24 hours.

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