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Pinkiou Lady Hair Removal Rechargeable Epilator

No one like hair in those unwanted areas! It's not too pretty and when it comes to shaving, it can take forever and needs to be done as often as every other day for some. Therefore, I am so happy to have received the Pinkiou Lady Hair Removal Epilator. It does more than removes the hair, but also keeps it from growing back FAST! You don't have to shave as often, for some two weeks later and it reduces the growth, making it appear lighter every growth cycle.
This device works by pulling from the root, plucking out the hair like a tweezer and keeping you stubble and root hair free! So no more dark dots of shaved hair and no longer will you need to worry about shaving or waxing again. There also may be some fear that this type of device hurts. However, this isn't true. It may feel like a small pinch, as if your tweezing, but if you move it fast on the area you want to treat and remove the hair, you don't really feel anything. It may be tiny pink where the hair was removed, well it is being plucked so that is gonna happen. However, it goes away quickly and best of all you can slather on cream to soothe and even get it into the skin without lying on top of the hair instead.
So in the long run, the serums, lotions, and all those potions can do their work since they are not lying just on the hair and actually getting onto the skin. Finally, this is a terrific product, very easy to use and such a wonderful thing to own. I never need to worry about shaving as often or those hair stubs left behind. No pain and just smooth, hairless skin!

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Product Information:
  • Use of This epilation, you can quickly and easily and effectively remove unwanted body hair
  • At the same time to bring you unprecedented comfort painless plucking experience
  • Trichotillomania can rapidly rotating wheel grip shortest hair, and uprooted
  • So you can make your skin smooth for up to four weeks long, regeneration of hair becomes soft like hairs
  • With retail packaging
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