Thursday, December 8

My First Attunement Experience with Reiki

I finally got my first Reiki attunement today. It went well and honestly at first it had no effect on me, I didn't feel anything. I almost felt like maybe it didn't work. However, almost about an hour later I started feeling a tingling sensation throughout my arms and hands and even fingers! It felt like electrical bolts of charging power going through each arm and hands. I never felt a power in my body like this before!

One thing I want to mention is that it's true that no one has the same experience. I always felt maybe it's similar to one who had this before and it must be during the attunement that you receive this energy charging effect. However, in my case, this wasn't true. Though, when I did receive this burst of energy, electrical charging feeling, I must say it was the most out of this world experience I have ever had! It feels like I had the power to charge a light bulb, it was so wonderful! I am still so amazed by this and just had to share! Also, this is just the beginning, there are more to come after an attunement some even have dreams after this, I am excited to see what happens!

Finally, I'd like to say that this entire experience from the Reiki course to the attunement, It was amazing! Plus, you don't need to go anywhere to take this course, you can learn right inside your home as I had. Let me also say, even though you're not in the same room with the Reiki Master performing the attunement, you do still receive it even if your sleeping. So I am so happy and excited to have had this chance to experience this course. I think anyone who wants to experience Reiki should check out the for a wonderful course and learn to become a true natural holistic healer!
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