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Marigold 19-hole Letter Size Comb Ring Binding Machine

The Marigold 19-hole Letter Size Comb Ring Binding Machine is a perfect device to get a perfect professional style binding for your homemade books, documents, sheets of pages and even a sketch book. The device will provide you with a perfect comb style hole punch, about 1 inch from the edge. However, you can easily adjust the margins, but unlike many other binding machines, this one allows you an option to change the 2mm to 8mm depending on the pages you'll be punching. Some documents are thicker and need a larger edge when binding, which this device gives you that option to get! Plus, with either margin option, you won't have any problem getting through all types of pages. The Marigold Binding Machine can easily go through 10 sheets that are about 20lbs at one time and up to 250 sheets are able to be bound together with one of the comb spines included.

What I really love about this device is easy to use design. here is only 3 things to learn, the margins depth you want, how to open the binder combs and just to punch the 10 pages a  time. It's super easy when the steps guide you with just 6 to go through. I got it down in a matter of minutes. Therefore, no matter if you are using it for home or business, you can create some wonderful books, documents in a matter of minutes!
The handle on the device is really comfortable and it's very easy to pull the lever. You will get the even rectangular holes into each page placed underneath. The entire design is magnificent and gives you those perfect rectangular holes with the sharp pins. On top, you insert one of the 100 combs and instantly open them and comb each punched page together. Of course, If you do get lost, the manual is very easy to helpful and so is the little guidance right on the front of the device. So even a first time user will find this easy to use and doesn't require electric so it's able to be used anywhere you'd like to use it! Also, the quality is splendid! You will be using this for a long time before it ever breaks down or stops working! Marigold has always taken the time to construct top quality products we use in the office and home often, which is why I'm so glad to have this wonderful machine in my home!
Plus, you don't need to afford for any comb spines right away! The device actually comes with these additional comb spines, about one hundred 19-ring comb spines. So you can get the books or pages you want to put together, made right away! This is actually the perfect gift for anyone who wanted to have or even try creating their own professional books with a comb style binding. The entire box set is complete and you won't need to buy anything extra once it comes in! Finally, this is a terrific Comb Ring Binding Machine by Marigold
Product Information:
  • Manually punches up to 10 sheets of 20lb paper at a time, and binds up to 250 sheets with a 1" comb spine
  • Designed with 19 individual, hardened punching pins, it punches 19 Holes on the letter size paper.
  • Adjustable punching margin from 2mm to 8mm
  • Includes 100 19-ring comb spines inside the box
  • Punching life cycle tested in the lab: more than 12,000 times (10sheets a time)
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