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Madage Exercise Ball and Pencil Sharpener

I have a two wonderful products by a company named MadageThis shop supplies a variety of wonderful, high-quality products for everyone to enjoy! What I was able to try are their exercise ball and pencil sharpener. Each is nicely designed and perfect for the health nut or the one who writes and draws all the time!
The Madage Electric Pencil Sharpener is created with two holes allowing for a different size pencil to be used, smaller or larger. Each will get an even and nice smooth sharp point, which is excellent for drawing, sketching, school tests, work, and many other reasons you'll be using a pencil!
I find it to be the easiest and nicest designed sharpener to own. While many can be large and squared or rounded, this is quite small and portable with the same strength and speed as the others. Plus, there is no more sharpen points that just fall apart when this sharpens you get an even and smooth perfect cut around each pencil, even if they maybe not a name brand or an expensive set!
I love that with the Madage Electric Pencil Sharpener, I get to easily dump out the excess shreds from the tray, without making a mess. I never have to stop and go over a trash can to sharpen a pencil. Instead, I can easily sharpen and continue drawing or writing until I'm done, since there is so much room! The color is another big thing I do enjoy! It's not your black or silver, but a bright and fun color for any age to enjoy! Lastly, if you add an adapter to the device, you can save up on buying batteries, but with the batteries, 4 double A 's you can easily take this anyplace and draw by the beach, take your rough draft to the zoo, or while taking a road trip it will keep it's super strong sharpening power, where ever you decide to go! Finally, if there is a person who loves to draw, write, or pretty much use a pencil, color or regular well this will make their day and keep them going!

Product Information:

  • SAFETY DESIGN: There is a protection lock on the unit for jumbo pencils. Prevent the kids to insert their fingers into the hole; to unlock, insert the pencil then press the green button on top of the sharpener.
  • MULTIPLE POWER SOURCES: It can be powered by either charging adapter (not included) or 4-AA batteries (not included).Recommended for personal, classroom and office use
  • TWO HOLES: Featuring two separate holes for different pencil diameters:6-8 mm and 9-12mm; professional desktop design with powerful motor featuring two separate holes for different pencil diameters and detachable collect scrap box.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: If the shaving tray is removed, the unit will stop operating. To clean, just slide the tray out to remove pencil shavings. The Perfect Point Every Time - Regardless of whether you prefer a Sharp, Medium, or Blunt tip, this hi-tech pencil sharpener quickly and automatically sharpens pencils to perfection every time!
  • PERFECT GIFTS AND 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: as educational supplies for teachers, parents, students, and children that just loves to sketch and draw a lot. As a great gifts for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Birthday or Graduation. We offer you 100%Risk-Freee Satisfaction Guarantee to let you buy with confidence In case any broken problem happens to the sharpener, contact the seller of us without hesitation to solve the problem until satisfaction.
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There is nothing better than a healthy body! Especially if you want to look great and live a long time. The Madage Fitness Exercise Ball is the best way to stay in shape, without it feeling like a workout. I mean I think the Madage Exercise Ball is so much easier on the body to do situps, to stretch with, and pretty much train yourself to keep balance and add resistance for a stronger core. Plus, it's not just for those who workout, but for those who love Yoga, Pilates, Strength training, Stretching, and even rebuilding the body back up due to injury.

I think the big thing about this is that it doesn't feel the pain when you don't have to sit on the floor to do a sit-up and let the tailbone hit the ground as you lift. Plus, it gives you that extra support to bounce back up, without the need of someone holding your feet as well! Plus for the entire body, you can use this as a seat and regain balance by keeping it still with the body as a whole. Letting your body become stronger and also with the ability to use in any workout, you can stretch and lift the ball as part of a workout keeping the arms straight and building some strength in them as well! It honestly is a no one type exercise tool. Instead, the possibilities are endless!
Finally, the quality is wonderful! It won't pop or break and has the strength to hold up someone that is 600lbs! Now that is amazing! Also, the ball is meant to be super durable, which is why you can use it to workout in so many ways and not have it pop like a balloon or a toy ball. Totally a great workout and a wonderful gift for those who love to stay in shape!

Product Information:
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE PVC MATERIAL: Extensive testing, and a unique anti-burst design provided for the highest quality exercise balls available on the market. Every exercise ball can withstand up to a 2cm cut without explosively deflating.
  • EASY TO INFLATE: As a special thank you for shopping with us, you'll receive a free exercise ball pump! Convenient and easy to use, the ergonomic design comfortably fits in your hand, providing a hassle-free inflation and allowing you to use your yoga ball right away.
  • RATED UP TO 600lbs: Your ball can withstand up to 600lbs. That's one hell of a tough ball. You can rely on it. Suitable for kids, men and women.
  • COMFORTABLE & SAFETY: This stability ball is best for toning and sculpting your abs, glutes, hips, thighs and more. It increases flexibility, relaxes muscles, decreases tension and aids in stretching. It enhances coordination and balance by increasing your core strength. Great for body core workouts, Yoga and Pilates. Try using this fitness ball as an office chair to improve posture.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We stand strongly behind the craftsmanship of Our Brand Products. That's why we back them with 18-month Warranty, 90 days money back guarantee. If you have any question please feel free to contact us. We will make every effort to bring you a smile.
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