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Lillian Blackhead & Blemish Remover Kit

The Lillian Blackhead and Blemish Remover Kit by the Fast Shipper 4 U  provides such a terrific set of 5 useful tools, and all of them are secured in a black travel case. There is no need to buy separate tools with the quality you need, stainless steel, durable, and lightweight as this set is made with them all! You don't have to fear or be scared to use any of them, they are made for anyone to easily use and help clear their skin of pimples and blackheads fast!
I love how I just move the tool across the face and out comes the nasty white head and black head that is deep into the skin. Plus the angled shape helps make this possible to get a close grab. You don't even need to steam your face to open those pores up to use! However, if you want to get it out easier they do recommend using steam or warm water and towel to help open the pores. Though I find them to work even without steaming, just a normal face wash in hot water to moisten the skin and I'm ready to dig and get rid of those blackheads or pimples.
The many tool sizes are perfect to get into the smallest and tightest areas of the face. Even using these won't cause you to end up with a huge scar, like picking at the pimples with your hands or another object. Instead, this actually gets rid of the white head and it seems to allow you to get rid of that acne or pimples quicker. Finally, this is a way to have beautiful smooth, clear skin easily without causing scars or having to live with those unlovable pimples on your face and blackheads!
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Product Information:
  • A set of 5 highly effective pushers and pimple removing Kit; BEST VALUE ON AMAZON
  • Made from premium quality surgical grade stainless steel; Lightweight, Durable, and Easy to use Acne extracting tools
  • Perfect for extracting pimples, blackheads, Acne, Comedones, Blemishes and other Facial Impurities
  • Comes in a Non-bulky handy leather carry Purse for easy use ON-THE-GO.
  • Kit includes; A Needle Extracting Tool, A Cone dome Extracting Tool, Double Looped Tools and two other extractors fit for Blackheads of all shapes and sizes
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