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Lepow Official VivReal Handheld Garment Clothes Steamer

I always enjoy clean clothing, but one other thing that really makes them perfect is no wrinkles! Nobody would look their best if they have wrinkles going down their suits or dresses, it just doesn't look presentable for anything or anywhere you go. However, wrinkles are natural, they tend to form after washing and drying clothing. It's hard to avoid those and normally you need to iron. 
However, the company known as Lepow Official is actually bringing you a product, the VivReal Garment Clothing Steamer to help you get those clothes wrinkle free, quickly and easily! What this steamer does is direct a huge stream of steam at the clothing, without you bending over to iron or having to do much to get out the wrinkle. The steam actually does all the work, you just point and shoot.
First off, with the design, you have the open area with a few holes to allow the steam out, directing it to a straight path, which will help steam out any wrinkle quickly. Next, the handle is there for you to hold while directing the steam. Lastly, you only need to add water into this clothing steamer by twisting off the top and filling to the max line. Afterward, you twist the top on correctly, press the power button after plugging the steamer in and you are ready in 90seconds or less. 
Therefore, it's very easy to start and heats super quick! Now all you need to do is have the article of clothing hanging up in front of you and aim at those wrinkles and slowly going down each piece.
That is all you need to do! It's fast easy and no more bending over an iron board, when this portable device by Lepow Official can do the hard work for you! Plus, one big thing I love about this steamer is that it makes the chore easier to accomplish faster, I remove odors as well as getting out the wrinkles and it also helps kill bacteria or germs that may be lingering on the clothing, towels, curtains, and so on! Finally, this is a terrific device and comes in handy no matter if I'm on vacation or home doing laundry.

Product Information:
  • ULTRA FAST HEAT UP: Thanks to the fast heat-up technology, the handheld garment steamer needs only 90 seconds to get ready. The 3.4OZ water reservoir allows you to go on steaming for 8 straight minutes. No more ironing boards and irons that take ages to heat up. Erase fabric wrinkles right now!
  • INCREDIBLE PERFORMANCE: The best garment steamer in the market makes straightening clothes and fabrics much easier for you. You can be confident that all your fabrics will look crisp in no time, giving you a sleek, impressive appearance.
  • YOU CAN CARRY IT EVERYWHERE: Forget stupid heavy irons, this travel steamer features a real lightweight, compact and comfortable design. Packing it in your luggage will never be an issue.
  • WORKS ON DIFFERENT FABRICS: The VIVREAL clothes steamer works not only as a clothing straightening tool but also works on suits, sofas, bedding's, curtains, carpets, automotive interior and much more!
  • 100% SAFE & NO RISK: Providing the best quality product and best customer service is our NO.1 principle in Amazon market. We offer a 90 day money back guarantee and 1-year warranty in case this handheld fabric steamer. Try it now :)
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