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LedLight4u - Marswell Nightlight Turtle Charging Station

The Marswell Nightlight Turtle by LedLight4u is a wonderful way to charge up your devices and keep the night bright with it's LED nightlight feature. Plus, for a child's room or any place you need an extra light, the turtle is such a fun decoration verse regular nightlights. Plus, with the LED you never have to change the lightbulb, these lights will last a long time and when it's featuring two extra USB ports for devices to charge, it can really come in handy!
Imagine charging your phone, tablet, speaker and many other devices when you need them the next day, while you rest and keep the night lit up when you rest. Now another few features that
stand out from the rest is the 3 on settings to activate the turtle by light, sound, and even constantly on. Also, the extra wonderful thing about this device is that there is no worry about using up a regular plug outlet. Once plugged in, you might fear losing an outlet but instead, you get one on the turtle, right on the shell allowing you a place to plug in and it works for all different countries as it's universal. Finally, this is a such a beautiful turtle nightlight and charging station, and it could make such a perfect gift!
Product Information:
  • Keep children safe and sure-footed at night on their way to their bathroom or parents’ room
  • This soft, illuminating light that is gentle on the eyes ensures no more risk of tripping in the dark.
  • LED light source is environmentally friendly and barely uses any electricity
  • Includes 3 “on” settings: sound-activated, light-activated, or constantly on
  • Comes with two USB outputs to charge cellphones and tablets, plus 2 AC electrical outlets

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