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Lary intel C10S Sports Action Camera

 The holidays are here and I have an excellent camera that would make a great gift for anyone who loves photography and always wanted to record or capture those action or sports shots on camera.
The company known as Lary intel came out with this very affordable action cam known as the C10S Full HD 1080p Wifi Sports Action Camera. Now this camera is very small, fits in the center of your palm. However, for a small camera, this one can really take great photos and records excellent shots, no matter the stunt or action you are taking while being recorded.
Honestly, this is such a wonderful camera! I have tried many and still for any gift the action camera is perfect for anyone to hold on to those memories with family and friends. The best part about the Lary intel Sports Action Camera is that it allows for anyone to be a professional when it comes to taking a photo or recording any type of action shot. I say this because the  camera actually keeps your hands and body stable, even if you really aren't.  So I can have a shaky hand and still record a perfectly stable and clear recording or photo. It's outstanding and so much easier to handle even for kids.
You may also enjoy this, as I love all cameras when they are simple to work. This action camera only has 4 main buttons and it's super easy to figure out what you need to choose or where to find it. It's not complicated or hard to figure out, which is why I love it! Plus, with the hard case(included) the camera is safe to go in the water, dirt and even snow. The case actually protects the camera making it perfect for every type of sporting event you want to record. Also, if you get those attachments you can mount it to your dog, on your head, body and even mount it to the car or on the bike for some wonderful action shots on the go. 
I do have a few wonderful features about this camera I'd love to point out. First, the 170-degree lens is wide enough to capture a large amount of the room you are performing in, or it could even be outdoors. However, this camera will really capture a large amount of space around the person, which is perfect if you want to make sure to get the entire stunt or action on the camera without missing any piece of it! The second feature I love is that there is WiFi built in the camera. So I can take a look on my phone or tablet and watch the action through the app. I don't have to wait to watch it on the computer or just on the camera itself. Instead, I can transfer the file I just recorded and watch it right on my phone or send to another's for them to view. Lastly, the best part of this action camera is the additional items you get included. These extras would be the extra rechargeable battery, additional mounting pieces, straps and adhesive pieces for attaching, and of course, the strong case that will keep the camera in great shape no matter if you are going into water or driving through the dirt.
Finally, this is just a wonderful camera or camcorder, it does both perfectly! I really love the HD and additional features of the camera. Plus, if you like to watch anything recorded on the TV, you can plug in an HDMI cord and enjoy the action on any large TV screen. So for a gift for the holidays or just for yourself, this is a beauty to own and won't cost you too much to purchase!
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Product Information:
  • 1. 2016 Black Friday --- (Save 15% each on Qualifying items offered by Lary intel when you purchase 1 or more. ) 1080p Ultra HD Action Camera. Professional 1920*1080 30fps & 1280*720 30fps video with 12MP photos at up to 30 frames per second for incredible photos, which is 4 times the resolution of traditional HD cameras. Capture and share your world in a fantastic resolution.
  • 2. Longer Battery Life. Lary intel NTK96660 action camera comes with 2 rechargeable 900 mAh batteries. Each 900mAh battery can record up tp 90 minutes. You will no more worry about the recording time for this action camera.
  • 3. Built-In WIFI & HDMI, edit & share your action in minutes. Just download App(EZ iCam) on your phone or tablet and connect with this action camera. Then operate or review the images or videos via Android or iOS devices. WiFi signal ranges up to 10 meters.
  • 4. 100 Feet(30m) waterproof camera. Lary intel C10S is designed to withstand extreme environments. Equipped with IP68 waterproof case,durable waterproof to 100 Feet (30m).Ideal for water sports like swimming, drifting, surfing etc. Come along with tons of free accessories, you can transform it to fit various indoor and outdoor extreme activities
  • 5. Connect the action cam to your computer with a USB cable to transfer your entire library, or simply hook up the sports cam directly to your TV via HDMI. 2-inch high definition screen that displays and replays good videos recorded.

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