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ISBAL OEM TUXUN Bluetooth wireless microphone

I was able to try the ISBAL OEM Karaoke Microphone and let just say it's wonderful when you can sing or speak into the mic and actually hear it! This one mic isn't a condenser, but an actual dynamic type with a super cool new design! I really enjoy this Karaoke microphone because it's portable, easy to carry around and comes n a lovely golden color. The shape isn't that original onstage mic, more of a party type in design, with the large speaker on the bottom and the part you speak into, is right on top!
Speaker on the bottom
Mic On Top
I can now enjoy singing along with this ISBAL OEM Bluetooth Karaoke Player. The sound comes out crystal clear, magnified to be heard from a distance and be used as a normal speaker fo music you have playing on any device, phone, tablet or computer. Plus it's super simple to set it up with either device, you just need to turn Bluetooth on and sync it to the device.  If you do get stuck the directions cover each step perfectly! It took me just a few seconds to get it connected, which is what I love when it all is that simple and fast!
Honestly, like any microphone the shape it still has that long handle like a flashlight and with the additional buttons to put on the tone and echo. Plus you can also use a headset and place that inside the earphone jack to listen to the music and sounds to yourself, not disturbing anyone else in the room or the next one over. Plus, if you use the cord that is included with the device, which there are two. One that will fit the earphone jack, it will allow you to connect the mic to any acceptable device that fits that port and record from the mic or listen to the audio through the speaker. Therefore, you should have no problem connecting to the phone or computer, almost instantly! Now this is something I would think could be a wonderful gift for the holidays or any special occasion! 
Finally, if you love music, love to sing and have a phone or tablet, this is a terrific item to own! You can sing your heart away and enjoy music as you like with this portable ISBAL OEM Microphone.
Super fun to own and you can always create your own sound with this music instrument. It's the two in one device that will be used often, as a speaker or mic!

Product Information:
  • Portable Microphones Karaoke: Portable Bluetooth microphone at Anywhere anytime you can enjoy the music like at KTV Bar
  • Remarkably KTV Echo Effect:Built-in high-quality chipset, it produces excellent sound quality with reverberation, No need to aim at the microphone, it can capture your voice with pickup hole.
  • Certified Safe Battery: the effect is much like KTV, you will feel liking being on the scene of karaoke. Make sure that you can enjoy an audio feast.With 3.5mm audio jack, it can connect with Android, ios phone
  • Enjoy music at anywhere anytime: You can connect with your phone with cable or Bluetooth. And turn on the singing software on your phone or on your computer. In this way, beautiful voice will come from the speaker. You can practice singing, listen to music and record songs without going to KTV,bar
  • Want to sing, just sing it: Compatible with most mobile phones and tablets: iPhone 4s iphone5 iphone5s iphone6 iphone6 Plus iphone7 iphone7 Plus compatible with iPad mini 2 mini 4, new iPad, iPad air2, iPad Pro Samsung Galaxy S4 / S5 / S6 / S6 edge / S7 / S7 edge -- Samsung Galaxy Note3 / Note4 / Note5 / Note edge / Note7 -- Also Compatible with HTC, Sony, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei and etc.
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