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Farstrider Portable Wand Scanner

Have you ever wanted to keep those holiday memories alive, saving each memory together to share with everyone, or possibly have a need to keep important documents and receipts organized protected for years to come? Well, then you'll enjoy this wonderful scanner by Farstrider! It's actually a portable device that relies on you moving a wand-shaped scanner across each page or photo you might want to scan and save. The best part is that it's easy to use and with the SD card you can save a bunch of photos and pages on the memory card for sharing on the computer or printing out later.
However, what makes this device a top choice for scanners is that it's got a large color screen to view each image you scan before saving and keeping. You really don't want a scanned page and end up missing a piece or it not coming out perfect. So the visual screen will allow you to review each image as you scan them or when you want to look through each scan after you're done. There is really no need to use a computer since you can view each file and save them on a memory card till you're ready to upload on any computer. Therefore, it's the perfect portable companion for scrapbookers, photographers, any type of business worker, crafter, student, and anyone who needs a use of a scanner!

Another positive about the Fastrider is that this scanner is designed to be easy to handle. It's in a shape of a long rectangular wand, with a thickness that you can grab and handle with ease. The scanner piece is on the bottom allowing you easily move across each photo or paper with no effort. The bottom has actually a few wheels to roll the scanner easily across the page or photo without struggling. Of course, always work on a flat surface to get the best image scanned evenly and perfectly to the device. It doesn't take long to scan the item you want, so you can easily get through plenty and let the memory card hold on to each before uploading or changing to another memory card.
The colored screen makes it so wonderful for anyone to use! Before it use to be no visual review, which made it hard to know if you scanned the page correctly or got what was needed on each item. However, with the screen, you can easily review and save only what you want and delete what you don't. I think of it as a camera, with a reviewing screen you can easily save time and have knowledge of every image you want and not have to guess if each of the images came out correctly. Lastly, the DPI is very high, allowing you a clear and perfect image for keeping holds on too. You won't have to worry about a blurry or an image that isn't readable. Instead, this gives you a clear visual no matter if it's for an ID card, photo, words from a book, worksheets, and so much more!

Lastly, this device includes a WiFi feature. You can use this to help you share files with any computer and not need to plug in. It's a faster and easier way to connect, but of course, you can always use a USB cord to attach to the computer and transfer each file onto the computer.
Also, you can easily remove the memory card and insert that into the computer as well!

Finally, there isn't anything better than a great device that can keep hold of all those memories and reduce the need to hold on to tons of paperwork. You only need a memory card and it holds so much more files and photos without all the weight and space. Plus, if you need a great buy, Farstrider not only gives you a wonderful, high-quality scanner but you also get an 8GB memory card, mini multi-memory card reader, and a bag for the scanner. It is such a wonderful product with a few extras that just make it worth every cent! You don't need to buy something separate to begin using the Farstrider scanner and you get a few bonus that can be very useful.

Product Information:
  • A far more convenient than you might imagine having a large and color PREVIEW SCREEN. You don't need to use the computer to see the scan effect. After 2s, color display to play back the scanned images. With OCR, you can edit the words. It can scan book, images, documents, magazines, receipts, business cards, laminated identification cards, invoices and more. It is suitable for lawyers, doctors, students, engineers, accountant, bank staff, businessman and so on
  • Double Roller design. Double roller drive scanning. Scan more STABLY. BOOKEDGE DESIGN, get all the book content without blind side. 8GB Micro SD Card and Mini multi in one memory card reader are included. Travel-friendly design, about 0.5lb
  • High scanning resolution up to 1050 DPI (300(Low)/600(High)/1050(Fine) DPI selection). JPEG PDF-A4 or PDF-Letter scan-format selection. Directly save JPG(JPEG)/PDF files to the Micro SD card. Color or Mono scan-color selection
  • Wireless design, scan picture anywhere and anytime. WIFI function is available. Download the picture to PC, iPhone, iPad, or android mobile device is available by Wi-Fi, which makes it easy to save, distribute and save. Driver free to download for MS Windows 8/7/Vista/XP and MacOS10.4 or above. (direct plug-in, driver installation not required. USB powered
  • 1 YEAR Warranty. Money-back satisfaction guarantee
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