Wednesday, December 14

eShakti Clothing Styled My Way!

I was lucky to have a chance to try a new outfit by eShakti, which isn't your normal clothing shop!
It's actually a shop that can take one clothing choice and transform it to the style and design you like. For example, they can trim the length, change the neck shape of the dress or shirt and many other options!

I for one love the ability to make one lovely style into my own personal look. Therefore, I had decided to choose the Floral Trim Cotton Knit Shift Dress it's v-neck design with the detailed floral on the edge, a thick edge design is very lovely and something I haven't really found in any market. I also adore the matching mid-length sleeves with the same detailed design. It's such a beautiful dress and has a color which isn't too bright, nor is it too outdated. Instead, the color reminds me of a special occasion type dress with the thought of the holidays in mind and yet perfect for parties and is comfortable to wear any day of the week!
For customizing, I actually felt the length and style of the neckline to be just right! So I really didn't want to change much on this dress, pretty much nothing at all, and that is one benefit of these customizable clothes, you have a choice and you don't have to change anything if you don't want too! The knee length is perfect and allows for my boots or heels, whichever I decide to wear to fit and match perfectly with the clothing. I can pretty much have a lot more freedom with heels and boots with this dress! I really find this to be a perfect spring to fall dress and even for special occasions!

I really have nothing but joy in my eyes when I first saw this on and since it came in, my smile just expanded! the entire fit and design are lovely! It's definitely a shop to check out, with all sizes from 0-6x, all the customizable options at your fingertips and such an easy process to get a dress, skirt, pants or even a top that you will love to wear!
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