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ENDIGLOW Professional Silicone Massage Cupping Set

The ENDIGLOW Professional Silicone Massage Cupping Set is not your typical clear glass set. It's instead a black set of 10 silicone cups. Each designed to simply be placed upon any part of the body and grabs holds easily!  Let's just say  if you ever had wanted to treat your body naturally, healing from an actual Chinese technique using cupping, well this set is terrific! It's not your ordinary glass suction set, instead, no fire is needed. These cups are made of strong silicone, which allows you the strong suction with just a pinch. 
The cups actually hold on tight to the body, allowing you the ability to pull the skin up into the suction alleviating pain, problem areas and much more! It actually does feel great and for me, someone who is into natural healing finds this to be a terrific way to self-treat all different problems. 
The method is made to help pain from the muscles to the joints, throughout the entire body. It has been well known as a way to treat pain and honestly, everytime I use it in an area that I've pulled a muscle or feel an ache in my shoulder or lower back, this really does help and it only takes a few seconds to place on the part that hurts. Plus, a few minutes of this therapy and I'm back up and going! Finally, this set is terrific and I'm loving the strong suction and the black in color design.
Product Information:
  • CURATIVE EFFECT – It acts on the negative vacuum pressure acting on the human body, which will help clear the meridians, Qi, blood, and cold dampness. It eliminates the blood stasis syndrome and detumescence and relieves pain.
  • DOES NOT HURT THE SKIN – After several experiments and tests, our product has a very soft circumference, and the cup edge does not injure the skin. The adsorption capacity of the cup can easily achieve the efficacy of treatment.
  • PORTABLE – Portable packaging design, small size, easy to carry in your bag or handbags, can be used anytime.
  • THE JOINTS, KNEES, ELBOWS AND OTHER LOCATIONS CAN BE CUPPED – Compared to fire pot, gas tank, or other brands of silica cupping, this can be used on more parts of the body. Very effective in treating these joints.
  • A PROFESSIONAL MERIDIAN AND ACUPOINT SYSTEM – Targets different symptoms and accurately locates corresponding treatment points.
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