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ENDIGLOW Jade Gua Sha Roller

The ENDIGLOW Jade Gua Sha Roller, Massage Tool works wonders on the skin, especially the face! With the two sides, you can choose either the face which only needs a small tool to get around the entire face, which is included on the one side of the Endiglow Roller. Also, the larger side allows you to get and reach the biggest surface of the body. It will help you relieve pain, build up circulation back to the surface of the skin, where the body has stopped creating, and it also is a wonderful way to relax and build stronger and healthier skin!
When you massage your skin, especially the face, it allows the body to build up circulation and invites any of the creams or lotions you put on the skin to actually get used and distributed better. However, with a simple design, no electricity, no batteries or any type of cord needed, so you could travel and take this tool anyplace. Plus, it feels great self-massage and reduces the fatigue and tight muscles you may have, by rolling them with this tool and waking them up! It's helpful for healing your body and toning it as well! You will look youthful, have healthier skin and feel better all over! Finally, the tool is made to last, with real jade that aids in healing and naturally detoxifying the skin, leaving you beautiful and gorgeous for years to come!

Product Information:
  • A PRECIOUS JADE GUA SHA BOARD: This premium Jade facial Gua Sha board is rich in a whole range of jade species of trace mineral elements that are easily absorbed by the complexion and prevent aging effects, pigmentation, and acne, while they contribute to detoxification, eliminate skin wrinkles, tighten loose skin, and make your face smooth and glowing.
  • TARGETED TREATMENT IN 4 POINTS: The 2 pieces of SQUARE GUA SHA BOARD in different colors are now upgraded to be SMOOTHER and THICKER than any other on the market and provide large area facial scraping, promote facial meridian dredge and remove toxins. The JADE ROLLER accelerates metabolism offering you a radiant facelift, while the JADE ACUPOINTS BAR stimulates acupoints, alleviates black-eye, pouch & eye-wrinkles and offers you a youthful, revived, and glowing complexion.
  • AN ALL-INCLUSIVE SET: Each product in our premium Natural Jade Gua Sha set can be used alone. However, combined use of all individual beauty treatment tools will guarantee to intensify the rejuvenating effects.
  • THE INFORMATIVE INSTRUCTION GUIDE IS INCLUDED: It will make application a breeze so that you can benefit from the excellent exfoliating effects of this effective natural treatment in no time!
  • STYLISH DESIGN: Feast your eyes on the attractive, sleek design of our Jade Board manufactured with exquisite craftsmanship to make your powerful ally in your face care rituals. Elegant, smooth and effective, it will allow for maximum comfort in daily use, to offer your face the unique natural benefits of a timeless beauty treatment!
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