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ENDIGLOW Gua Sha Massage Tool

The ENDIGLOW Gua Sha Massage Tool is made of Buffalo Horn, which is so durable and strong that allows for massaging the body entirely! It's shape is what caught my attention. The wave style design, allows it to get into each section of the body, small or large surface areas. Plus, the thickness is just right, not too thin and with the design allows you to take a nice grip on the buffalo horn to massage your own body or another's.
I love how massage aids in recovery and pain relief, so this is something that is a must-have for anyone who loves massage! It's easy to bring circulation to the top of the skin, by massaging the body which also aids in healing injuries faster! Plus, it detoxifies and allows the body to build up its strength and like for the face, toning and allow the skin to look youthful and young once again! For a wonderful product, this is a messaging tool I'll use daily!

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Product Information:
  • “WAVE” UNIQUE DESIGN --- It is very effective for reducing headache, Neck pain and promoting blood circulation, relieving mental stress.
  • ULTRA SMOOTH EDGES: Our guasha buffalo horn board has smooth edges with a surface that will never scratch and hurt your skin or cause bleeding. The highest quality Gua Sha massage tool for actual and immediate pain relief.
  • DETOXIFICATION AND CELL NOURISHMENT: By releasing petechiae to the skin surface, the body is triggered to perform cleansing of the area, something that rids it of dead blood cells and toxins. Therefore, the increased blood and oxygen circulation helps the nourishment of the healthy blood cells.
  • BUY CONFIDENTLY with our 100% Money Back Guarantee: No questions asked and hassle free.
  • IT IS MADE OF 100% BUFFALO HORN: durable, static free, not fragile and most easy to clean, just by using a cloth.
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