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ENDIGLOW Cupping Therapy Set With Pumping Handle 12 Cups

The ENDIGLOW Cupping Therapy Set With Pumping Handle is a terrific tool for toning, relieving and reducing pain. It's like the traditional glass and fire technique the Chinese used to create a suction and allow the muscles or joints feel relief from all the pain and injuries that you've might have gotten. What is wonderful about this product, is that it's got a gun style pump, which allows you to place the suction cup anyplace and quickly grab hold with the pump. No worries of a loose grab or it becoming loose too quickly.
The Endiglow Cups are strong and sealed onto the skin tight, which is great for that strong pull from the suction. Many others could be too loose and cause the grab to easily come undone and the cup falls right off. However, this product with the pump allows for an easier and strong grab every time!
Pull on the yellow piece to take off the cup.
I honestly love this natural way to heal, the device, Endiglow Cupping Set is worth every cent! Its quality is excellent and it provides me with the support and pain relief I need. So with the product you recieve, it comes with the 12 same size, small not too large cups which is perfect for the entire body, a beautiful bag to hold them all into, and the pumping handle to pull out the air and hold a great grab onto the skin. Finally, this set is a travel friendly and can be used anyplace at anytime, no electricity or fire to get a great suction when you have a handpump to create the strong hold!
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Product Information
  • GOOD EFFICACY – It acts on the negative vacuum pressure acting on the human body, which will help clear the meridians, Qi, blood, and cold dampness. It eliminates the blood stasis syndrome and detumescence and relieves pain.
  • EASY TO OPERATE – The cupping can be regulated by the pumping handle, and the suction strength can be adjusted according to individual requirement. You can operate on the back, shoulders, and waist by yourselves.
  • DURABLE – It is made of ABS Plastic, which is much stronger, durable, break-resistant, and longer lasting than traditional plastic cups.
  • BRING-WITH-ME-EVERYWHERE TREATMENT TOOL – Light packaging, small size, easy to carry - specifically designed for travel. You don't have to worry about carrying a heavy box. Whether at home, office or traveling, you can always take it along anywhere and use it for treatment anytime. For the usual acute symptoms such as colds and muscle injury, you will need it at your side always to quickly treat and relieve symptoms. For chronic diseases, you need to keep on the treatment and carry it every day.
  • A PROFESSIONAL MERIDIAN AND ACUPOINT SYSTEM – Targets different symptoms and accurately locates corresponding treatment points.

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