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E-Etiquette by National League of Cotillions

The book, E-Etiquette by National League of Cotillions is your guide to a nicer way to greet and talk to others online. The book is packed with information to get your friends, family and employees or anyone you are speaking to online feeling pleased to speak to you and not disturbed by the way you message them back.

I know from personal experience, I am not a mean person when I speak to people. In fact, I'm very quiet, kind hearted and respectful. However, when I message a family member or friend, they get the idea that I may be angry or upset or sad. However, that isn't true at all! So to have a book to change that is something I can really use. 

The inside is full of helpful tips and ideas to make speaking through email, messengers, forums, text and anything else that uses conversation through a digital device. Unlike in person, the digital life or world is a bit different when communicating. Sometimes, it's easy to use slang or shorten the words to send them. However, sometimes, it can be difficult to produce a message that doesn't end with an argument or someone feeling put down by what you have to say or just being confused. I know I got that a bunch of times.

Thankfully this book has really helped me change my online messaging skills for the good! It's actually helped improve the way I send a message from family to people I want to work too or have work with me. Plus, you will also understand about how to look and be better with everything from your online presentation of your profile and how you update reguraly or how to answer a call and even ways to protect your child with the interent and the phone.

However, the book may seem small, but you don't need a large book to get all the information you need to write a thoughtful and kind letter to someone. There are great ideas for all types of conversation, even through phone calls! So for anyone who is working online, using a phone, messaging, texting and so much more, this book is perfect for you and will help you communicate so much better!

Information About The Author:
The National League of Cotillion is an acclaimed organization that trains and licenses directors to establish local etiquette training programs. Its mission is "to treat others with honor, dignity, and respect for better relationships with family, friends, and associates." Charles Anthony Winters and Anne Colvin Winters founded the organization and are regularly featured on national media outlets such as CNN and ABC's Good Morning America. The National League of Cotillion is located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Book Information:
Title E-Etiquette 
Subtitle The Definitive Guide to Proper Manners in Today's Digital World 
Author National League of Cotillions National League of Cotillions 
Publisher Skyhorse Publishing 
Imprint Skyhorse Publishing 
Published 7 April 2015 
Format Hardback 
Pages 160 
Dimensions 7.00 x 7.00in. 

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Skyhorse Publishing- E-Etiquette The Definitive Guide to Proper Manners in Today's Digital World by National League of Cotillions National League of Cotillions

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