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Collins Easy Learning French by Collins Dictionaries

There is nothing better than having a good book to teach and provide you with practice examples to help you learn. So for my French crave, well the feeling of wanting to learn French again and use it in my daily writings and conversations, I came upon the book known as Collins Easy Learning French By Collins Dictionaries. 

This is a book not like many! I mean it's a dictionary that is true but really is more of a practice work book. You'll get to learn the French verbs, which there are plenty of them and it's hard to recall most of the time. However, you'll learn these verbs and get to practice on how to position each in a sentence whether it be the past, present or future tense and the spelling. It's like taking a French teacher and placing him or her into this book.

Maybe you're a student and need some type of guidance or would like a reference on French Verbs, well this is something that can suit anyone learning French! It's a great study book and workbook in one. I can learn how to pronounce if I'd like, but really it's perfect for learning how to use the verbs in a sentence and with 100 examples inside, it's hard to forget or not get an idea how they are used. I do want to point out that I love the way it's explained in this book. The book begins with you learning about the conjunctions, present, past and plenty of others! It's a really a nice book and so up to date being 2016 version. Finally, I really think if you are learning French and want to get a head start or practice in your own time after school, this can really come in handy and help you out!☺

Information About The Author:
Collins Dictionaries- Pioneers in dictionary publishing since 1819

Book Information:

  • 320 PAGES, 7.44 X 9.69
  • TRADE PAPER, $18.95 (US $18.95)
  • ISBN 9780008142087

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Ipgbook - Collins Easy Learning French – Easy Learning French Verbs and Practice By Collins Dictionaries

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