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WHOOT Wearable Nail Polish Holder

The WHOOT Wearable Nail Polish Holder by J5 Products is a wonderful new way to keep hold of that nail polish you want to apply to your fingers or toes. It doesn't require you to hold it, but to wear it! Honestly, it's a fun way and makes painting the nails so much easier because you can do it anyplace no desk or counter needed!  
You can put any colored polish or even clear into this Woot Polish Holder. It also doesn't matter the thickness of the bottle they all fit well into the silicone designed holder and it won't slip or fall out. Instead, the super strong silicone holder will keep it inside with a tight hold. You can tell this by the turnover test of course with the bottle lid still twisted on. However, it won' t fall or come out only if you pull it out of from the nail polish holder.
Will not fall out when turned upside down
Fits all size bottles
What I really love about this item is the strong durable silicone you get and the two finger rings for handling. Reminds me of a new fashion trend! However,  It allows for an even balance and doesn't cause the polish to feel like a ton of weight on the hand while wearing it. Plus, it's so easy to use and do my nails anywhere I want! All I can say is that this new design is such an innovative idea and a great gift for those who love to paint their nails.
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Product Information:
  • Versatile: WHOOT's Wearable Nail Polish Holder Allows You To Do Your Nails Virtually Anywhere 
  • Compact: Our Holder Weighs Less Than 1 Ounce And Is Small Enough To Fit In Your Makeup Bag Or Purse...Take it anywhere!
  • Durable: Our Holder Is Made From Very Durable Silicone And Is Easy To Clean And Doesn't Tear Easily
  • Giftable: Look No Further Than WHOOT For A Great Gift For Any Special Occasion!

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