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Trophy Skin - MicrodermMD Home Microdermabrasion Machine

There is a wonderful shop online know as Trophy Skin. There you'll find supplies you with skin care products such as Microdermabrasion Machines, which I was lucky enough to get a hand on one of their best devices in their shop! I had a chance to try the MicrodermMD Home Microdermabrasion Machine. It's quite a machine I can tell you that! After trying a few different skin care devices, I found this one to hold true with that strong suction. Many of the devices I've tried really don't hold up to the power that this device does. It really made me realize how much more powerful an at home machine can be and how much more fo a difference there is to the results on my skin!
The MicrodermMD is a powerful skin smoothing and brightening device. It can really get in deep and remove those dead skin cells, which really isn't doing anything for your skin but will leave you looking old and dull. However, when you do remove these dead skin particles and anything else left on the surface or inside the pores like blackheads, you can now allow that serum or moisturizer absorb much better! In fact, it will help you achieve what the purpose of those serums and all the moisturizers were meant to do! Honestly, you might buy like I have a few good quality items, but never see any good results because it's on the dead layer of the skin and none of those good benefits are really getting down and deep into the skin, the fresh skin below. That is why when you use a machine with a powerful suction and a diamond buffing tip, you can get rid of the gunk and be left refreshed, renewed and youthful for days and years to come!
I honestly love the design of this machine, it's not just a bulky device that takes up much space as many you find. Instead, this machine is small and portable, easy to setup and includes a few additional features like a mirror that allows you to see what is going on and where you directing the instrument on the face as well as a screen with a female face to help you know when and where to treat. Plus, what makes this a really nice device is that it includes different settings, so you don't have to suffer one choice and fear it'll be too strong or too light around the eyes or cheeks or lips, etc.
My one fear is hurting myself with a device that is professional and yet made for the home. However, this one is top dog when it comes to suction and power! It doesn't stand up to a professional doctors machine, but it is so much closer to the real deal. The thing I do want to point out is that you do have to be careful! I mean with a machine close to a professional device and has a super strong suction, you don't want to fool around or not pay attention. So when I began, I started with the light setting and worked my way to the higher setting on the device. I noticed from a few others who loved the device even though it can cause injury due to not paying attention, that the main thing is to keep going and not stop. If you end up stopping and sticking to a spot too long, you will have a few red marks like hickeys as one person puts it on your face or wherever you are treating. It's not pleasant, but you will learn. However, to avoid this, which I haven't had any issue because I just kept moving and going, keeping full attention to the areas the figure on the screen was trying to tell me to move the diamond buffer tip too.
So really if you keep to using this device and pay attention, you will do great! I know I have and after a few days, just a few days, not two long weeks or a full month, I have noticed a change in my forehead and around my lips. It's something that makes me want to dance! I just feel so impressed by how well my skin is looking. It's helped reduce fine lines, helped me reduce the scarring tissue, and most of all brighten my skin to a youthful glow! Of course, now I can use my moisturizers and actually absorb those benefits and feel like a new me! Finally, this is a wonderful machine, the MicrodermMD by Trophy Skin has really made my skin look it's best then it's ever been!
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Product Information:
  • MicrodermMD is one of the first at-home microdermabrasion machines using dual-action therapy with a combination of diamond tipped exfoliation AND suction, enabling you to have true microdermabrasion treatments at home.
  • During the treatment, the outer layer of skin is removed using light abrasion which promotes the growth of healthy new cells. The suction used in the treatment also increases blood flow to the epidermis which rebuilds collagen and elastin.
  • An average treatment should take no longer than 5 minutes. The Auto Mode is a 5-minute treatment for full face and neck - other body parts (such as chest, hands, legs and scarred areas may take a little longer.)
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