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Sistong Cherry 54 Keys Music Electronic Keyboard

 I have actually found this wonderful company that has some excellent products for children and adults. They sell some top-quality products that you can afford and enjoy! This company is called Sistong Cherry and they have allowed me to review this wonderful Keyboard, Sistong Cherry 54 Keys Music Electronic Keyboard
6 Double A Batteries
Microphone and Power Cord
It's actually something that reminds me of my past experience with my first gift of a keyboard from my mom. She got me one for my birthday and it always made me feel happy receiving and creating music, even if I couldn't play at first. You really never get bored of something that can be used and played with all day. Since, there is no end to playing music on this device, so it's like the never ending fun toy and practice device for those who love to use a keyboard or making music in general! Plus, for the holidays this is something that could a perfect gift to the little musicians in many homes all over. 
Now, what made me so interested was this lovely keyboard is that it's easy for anyone to use and practice on. The device is electric, using 6 double A batteries to power it up. So it's also a portable device, therefore you can go on a road trip, take it outdoors, or stay inside and make music. Though, you can use the AC adapter to help charge the device, saving the batteries for on the go or when not near in the outlet. Now for the design, the sound quality and the keys are similar to an adults keyboard, so any child can learn to use this and feel like a grown up playing music on their own keyboard.
Speakers on Both Sides
Also, for the extra additions of a microphone and speakers built in, you can replay the music and sing along with the device as you play! As I said before, anyone playing with the Sistong Cherry Keyboard can make music as much as they  like, this is that type of gift that never gets boring or ends because you can keep making as much new music and sound. It's the gift that helps you learn and have fun for hours upon hours!

This keyboard is really professional designed and plays like it too! Also with the 54 keys, it's a bit easier to learn and practice with, and you'll understand the keys and music that can be made before hopping on to a larger keyboard. The additional demo songs and instruments are also on top of this beautiful board! I think anyone who owns this would enjoy it, especially children who love music or making their own creative songs. Finally, this is a wonderful gift for a child during the holidays or a birthday! Plus, it's perfect for ages 36months old and up!

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Product Information:

  • 54-KEY DESIGN-with different functions, fine workmanship, high-quality sound
  • This unique miniature version is designed to encourage the very young to play and develop a love of music
  • Included 10 Demo Songs,100 Tones,100 Rhythms,5 Percussions / Animal. Support record,program,chord,sync and fill-in
  • Recommended for ages 36 months and up
  • Power Supply: 6 x AA batteries or AC adapter
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