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Sinoge - Potentcera Bamboo Crochet Hook Kit

I love to crochet and I was happy to find this wonderful company known as Sinoge, which supplies these bamboo crochet hooks. They are known as the Potentcera Bamboo Crochet Hook Kit and let me say that they are the most beautifully designed crochet hooks I've ever seen! They aren't those rubber or colored metal handle hooks, but instead a natural bamboo design with the thick handles for easy gripping! 
I really do love the bamboo look to these, as it's just beautiful! Plus, with bamboo as a hard and strong material, it will last long and won't break up in your hands. Also, the coating is smooth and sealed so nothing is going to break or cause any damage to the entire set!
What you get in this set is 20 pcs, of knitting and crochet hooks. They all fit evenly inside the black case, which is also included and keeps them separated with clear pieces. This is an excellent 
way to take them anyplace and even store them safely for the next time you need them. I love that with this set of Potentcera Bamboo Crochet Hooks and Knitting Needles, you have all different sizes to work with for all the projects you need too. You also have super strong metal hooks that won' t break off and work great getting tiny yarn projects together, especially with those little-crocheted toys and decorations.
Finally, this is a wonderful set! It's great as a gift or for a personal collection to use on your yarn projects. I find myself using these every time I crochet and just love the way they feel in my hand and the results to the items I make, whether it be a toy or clothing to wear!
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Product Information:
  • ★The Material - PU leather material crochet sets on the mountain bamboo as raw material, durable, high temperature, decay, mold, pest control and difficult to crack, will not hurt the hand. Aluminum metal carbonization and crochet through heat treatment, polishing and grinding, there will be no static response.
  • ★The Specifications - fitted outfits 20pcs crochet, a variety of specifications to meet your different needs. 8pcs alumina crochet long 13.5cm, hook different diameter: 1.3/32in, 1.6/32in, 2/32in, 2.3/32in, 2.6/32in, 2.9/32in,3.3/32in, 3.6/32in; 12pcs bamboo crochet long 15cm. hooks of different diameters: 3.9/32in,4.6/32in,5.2/32in,5.9/32in,6.5/32in,7.2/32in,7.8/32in,8.5/32in,9.1/32in,10.4/32in,11.7/32in,13/32in.
  • ★The Handle - Crochet handle ergonomic, lightweight and comfortable, your hands will not feel tired and sore after prolonged use. Its surface is treated specially, smooth but not easy to fall off from the hands, it is mildew, moth. Can well fit your hand.
  • ★The Hook - Crochet Hooks There are two different materials and different sizes, so you can use different materials online, such as wool, nylon line, in order to tick different knitting items. Inline hook and tapered, they are all polished, smooth, so when drawing, to be able to smoothly pass through the fine slits, not hook wire.
  • ★The Bamboo Crochet - Sturdy bamboo hook, the weavers favorite tool. Spare time, you can use it to enrich their lives. Easy to operate and carry, so you can always knit your own favorite things. It does not take up your space, suitable for tourism.
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