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SexyStaple - Acrylic Office Stapler

Sometimes, you may find yourself spending all your time at the office or home office and craft room. Most of the time, that is what I'll be doing and having  right beside me is the right accessories to help me through paperwork and organizing everything. So today I am so proud that I have found an accessory for my desk that would bring more excitement and appeal to my office is the Sexy Staple's Violet Office Stapler! Of course, there are many of other colors to choose from, but this one is definitely a favorite of mine. Each of them is also created with a trendy design that you won't find on many of the office staplers on the market, each with a heavy cast polished acrylic exterior!
Honestly, which every you choose, the colors give these staplers a new flair! Also how it's designed with the clear acrylic exterior window that allows the color inside to be seen, making this more than the typical, professional stapler. It's more like the most professional, fashionable stapler I've ever seen! I mean compared to those typical black or silver stapler you'd buy at any retail shop, it has more class and looks like a beauty sitting on your desk or table top. The shape is similar to many staplers, but with a more rectangular edging in the front and back. However, with that flat even rectangular shape, it sits perfectly sturdy on the desk while you press down to staple a few pages together. Also if you take a look at the bottom, there are four round feet that keep it sitting still, while you push down and staple through each sheet.
So when you buy from Sexy Stapler, you won't just be getting a fashionable stapler, but one that can do the work as many professional and household staplers can! It goes through 20 normal sheets of paper with ease. Such as computer paper, drawing paper and even lined writing, notebook paper. So if it's quality you want with sex appeal for you at home or office stapler, well that is what you get with Sexy Stapler! 
Finally, why dread a boring stapler on the desk, when you can add a snazzy office supply that isn't just great looking but works great too! I am very proud of mine and have been using it ever since it arrived! There is nothing better than a trendy stylish office supply for my desk, it just brings more attention and pleasure to use the stapler often!
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Product Information:
  • Modern standard stapler with 20 sheets stapling capacity. This elegant stapler will bring a beauty, modern touch to your desk.
  • With guaranteed strength and durability, it will aesthetically please your eyes. A rubber bottom keeps the stapler in place as you press down, so it does not slip.
  • The innovative inner rail construction prevents jams.
  • Stapler opens and has a tacking ability to post items to bulletin boards
  • You will be surprised how well it works. If you don't like it we give 100% money-back guaranteed at any time, no questions asked. This stapler is amazing!
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