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PraxxisPro Office Stapler Value Pack

 Are you a person who spends way too much in the office? Maybe you have a room that you do school work in or just plenty of crafts and need to keep things organized with staples.
Well, I am happy to say that there is a brand known as PraxxisPro that provides excellent, professional quality staplers! The company is actually has a shop online with plenty of options, from fashionably cute to sleek and upper management in style! I mean if you want your office to look like you are worth every penny when someone comes into you speak to you, then take a look at PraxxisPro!
I must say, the one I have here is the PraxxisPro Office Stapler Value Pack #3. The best of this pack is that it comes with a beautiful red and black stapler, something that really adds a bit of life to my office desk. Plus, with the black version, all black it's still so highly worth the addition to my desk! The Basileous Executive Handheld Stapler is what you get in this set and they are quality staplers. Just by the weight, you can feel how heavy duty they are. Plus the back area on each has a stapler remover, no need to buy a separate tool with this product. 
There also is the extra staplers in each box with the stapler and these will provide me with many perfectly organized papers. Also if you get the value pack, you'll also be getting a smaller portable stapler with a travel or storage container, which includes paperclips and staples. 
Now, what makes the Basileous Executive Handheld Staplers perfect is not just the value pack, the extra goodies, but these can easily go through a bundle of paper and won't jam up like those cheap versions you could buy. Plus, one finger pressed down on top of the stapler and you can staple evenly into the paper. Finally, for an office and for any other reason, PraxxisPro has been one of my favorite stapler companies. They give me so much ease with their products, love the professional style and quality and provide such lovely designed staplers that are so worth showing off any chance I get!  I do also want to say that office products do provide a certain look to the person and with this professional stapler, it makes me feel like a real business professional!
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Product Information:
  • BUY IT ONCE - Every item in this bundle is built for a lifetime of use in any setting. The only reasons you'd ever buy another one is to give as a gift or get a new color
  • QUALITY: Ideal for your home, office space, desktop, school, and anywhere paper is being stapled
  • UNIVERSAL: Uses any standard size (1/4" leg length) staple, regardless of brand (though we'd prefer you buy ours).
  • BEST VALUE: There's not a competitor out there that is giving you a better deal.
  • STAPLER FOR EVERY SITUATION: This package includes a full-size desk stapler, a compact, and a set of 4 minis along with plenty of staples to go around.
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