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Pinkiou Straight Tip Tweezers

There is nothing greater than a clean, hair-free face. Especially, if you want to have those eyebrows neatly shaped and to remove those whiskers around the lips! I know there are many different tweezers, but a good pair is what you need to grab those hard to catch hairs and pull them out from the root with ease, not causing it to get chopped off and left half way inside. Therefore, I am so glad to have a pair of Pinkiou Straight Tip Tweezers
These Pinkiou Straight Tip Tweezers are nicely designed to grab those hairs from around the face that you don't want. Its handle is a nice thickness for comfort in gripping and with one hand you can open and close the tweezers with less pressure, it's basically simple for all to use. What I love is that they are sharp and even on top, so the grab of each hair is perfect and less of a problem to pull out the first try. Finally, a pair of tweezers that provide you with a clean removal of the hair from the root, they can be very useful for travel, at home or anyplace you may want to remove unwanted hair. They work great and the quality is excellent! 
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Product Information:
  • EXPERT EYEBROW SHAPING - Calibrated tension gives you precise removal of coarse, fine, vellus and ingrown brow and facial hairs every time. These comfort grip precision tweezers have a professional grade angled straight tip to remove hair along the brow bone with ease. Great tension also allows these Straight tweezers to function well as a false eyelash applicator for eyelash extensions.
  • ULTRA SHARP - Made from the highest quality Stainless Steel, saving you time and money. No more re-sharpening!
  • PERFECTLY ALIGNED HAND-FILED TIPS - Our hand-filed Straight tip tweezers perfectly align for an easy and pain-free splinter and hair removal process. Don't pinch or damage your sensitive skin any longer with inferior skincare cosmetic tools.
  • CLASSIC DESIGN - Classic Straight-tipped tweezers are ideal for those that like a traditional look, the favorite style, and set of most estheticians. Included is a handy and hygienic space-saving storage tube for your purse, makeup bag, travel case, bathroom draw, or cabinet.
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