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New TS Simplicity 5000 Hands-Free Beauty Counter Top Nano Hair Dryer

The New TS Simplicity 5000 Hands-Free Beauty Counter Top Nano Hair Dryer is a terrific product for all hair types! I loved the design, no more need to let it lye on a surface when working with your hair! Instead, this is the first I've ever seen with a stand on the dryer. Actually a base with suction cups that lets you stand it up right on a flat surface without having to just lay it down. This makes it easier to grab and now you can store it sitting up, ready for you when you need it next. Plus, with the attachments, you can concentrate the heat and air directly to the section of the hair you want.
Control buttons on top
Additional attachments to direct the air and heat from the blow dryer
It's pretty much an excellent, professional blow dryer with so much better features than many others! One other thing is that you really won't have to worry about wet hair when you need to leave the house fast! Its ability to dry fast is wonderful, with the power it supplies you can be done half the time it takes a regular dryer. Since it is said to be able to dry 60% faster with the 1875 max watt. Honestly, I do feel I can easily dry my hair in a few minutes and be ready than many of my older dryers. Plus, wit this fast drying action, I have less chance to cause any damage to the hair since it won't be on my hair as long as many others need to be. Also, with the ionic generator, you will have gorgeous hair that is always at it's best, frizz free and so healthy! No matter if it's a curly style or straight look you want to achieve, TS Beauty Counter Top Hair Dryer is just wonderful for all hairstyles you'd like to create!
Back door that locks and Unlocks
Unlock the back to attach the base
Also a few fun features I always recommend when buying a dryer. I always like to choose one with a flexible cord. It's best if you can move around and not be stuck by an outlet or have difficulty moving the dryer when the cord doesn't have that flexible piece by the device. Sometimes, you might end up destroying a dryer if you bend it too much when the cord isn't meant to be bent or moved a certain way. Second, I always love one with the ionic technology. Since it's nice for the hair and gives you more than just dry hair, but healthy and frizz free. Next is that I love the new dryers that now include cool shot, which is a button that gives you a burst of cool windblown into the hair. This added bonus button helps set the hair. Let's just say it really is something new and yet will make the finish hair style look marvelous each time!
The base/stand for holidng the dryer straight up.
Suction cups to hold stable and sturdy on a flat surface, like a counter top
The base for the dryer attaches through the back, after removing the locked door and pushing it on.
It allows for a standing dryer verse laying it flat on the counter top.
Finally, I would highly recommend this wonderful blow dryer by TS Beauty for an upgrade to an older dryer or maybe it's time to get one for better hair every day! So why not check it out! Plus, it can also be a perfect gift idea for the holidays, not as pricey as many name brands and gives you the quality you want when buying any professional hair tool. So all in all, I am extremely pleased with this product and plan to use it often!
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Product Information:
  • 3 In 1 Function Hands-Free, Counter Top, Hands-Free dryer, detachable base, concentrator attachment, diffuser attachment, and removable handle.
  • Ionic generator with Nano Smart Fusion Heat technology
  • Dries the hair up to 60% faster than a conventional dryer
  • Lightweight, high-torque motor
  • Locking Cool Shot button, Three temperature settings
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