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Muses Poem Electric Wax Warmer

For those who love to wax for hair removal or even for beauty like paraffin wax, I have a cute and portable wax warmer, the  Muses Poem Electric Melting Pot Wax Warmer. It's perfect for all different waxes and can be an excellent addition to any home or spa! It's not a giant device that takes up so much space and has a very lovely white and purple color. Plus, what makes this an excellent product is that it's easy to use, with one rotating knob, you can choose the heat level you need to melt the wax you are using.
I love how perfect the wax comes out every time! No fear that the wax will burn or not being able to know if it's melting. The Muses Poem Wax Warmer will keep it at a perfect temperature and you can easily see what is going on through the clear cover on top! Plus, the holes allow for air to circulate in and out. 
The major thing about this product is that it's just super simple to use and anyone can understand how to work it. Also, if you always relied on another method to heat the wax up, well if you use this wax warmer for hair removal, you can easily know how long or the heated temperature to melt the wax on without over cooking it. One method used is the microwave, but if you overheat it, it can be a disaster especially homemade wax. This warmer at least allows you to see from a bird's eye view or from the side view how well the wax is and if it's ready or not! Finally, I really think this is a wonderful wax warmer. It's a perfect personal size and isn't huge or bulky. Plus, so simple to use!
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Product Information:
  • Suitable for All Types of Waxes:Hard waxing,Strip waxing,Paraffin waxing and so on
  • See-through Cover :You can momentarily observe the state of wax in aluminum pan during heating process
  • Removable Aluminum Container:Safe and easy to prepare for wax heating
  • Repeated Heating Process:The temperature reach a fixed value will automatically outage and then restart
  • It needs just about 40 minutes to complete this process,then you can enjoy the SKIN SPA
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