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Marigold 9" Pouch Thermal Laminator

Last week, I came upon a wonderful company that supplies you with laminators for business use or home! This company is called Marigold Technology Inc. They have a wonderful shop on Amazon. This shop is highly rated by many and they provide top quality machines for many purposes. I was lucky enough to try their Marigold 9" Pouch Thermal Laminator 2-Roller Laminating Machine.

Marigold 9" Thermal Laminator

Now this one, in my opinion, is perfect for home projects or home businesses. I have myself enjoyed using it for scrapbooking and card making. It's perfectly safe and an easy way to keep photos or pictures in perfect condition. I don't want my captured moments to ever fade, and I don't have too! Thanks to the Marigold 9" Pouch Thermal Laminator I get a perfect seal around the entire photo and can pick it up right away. Plus, with the option of cold or hot lamination, I can make sure that my photos or certain pieces I want laminated won't get destroyed. Since the cold lamination is perfect for photos, which won't get destroyed by the heat. However, the heat option allows for a faster way to laminate and perfect for many of the other items I need done, like paper shapes and letters. 

The right side includes the options of cold or hot lamination.
Also the size of the pouch 3Mil or 5Mil

The left side includes the release button,
which lets go of the laminated pouch with media inside, that may be jammed or misfed.

The Marigold Laminator runs smoothly and isn't hard to operate, which everyone wants when they get a machine like this or any type of machine. You will be excited to see how fast this heats up, 3-6 minutes and your ready to get started. This device comes with a few laminating pages so don't worry about needing some in the beginning, but if you are like me you'll want to purchase some so you can make those scrapbooks, projects, or whatever else you may be laminating last! Also, the device includes a RELEASE button, which allows you to remove any jammed or misfed media inside the pouch with ease. It's an excellent addition to a laminator when you ever have something caught or stuck inside.
Entry for Lamination pouches

Finally, this is just a wonderful product, top quality, and fast lamination! I really just enjoy this company and the wonderful products they supply, especially this laminator!

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Product Information:
  • 9 inches entry width, fast 12 inches per minute speed
  • Quick 5 minutes warm up time,2 Rollers inside with anti-jamming design
  • Professional 3 separate temperature settings: cold, 3Mil, 5Mil. Professional temperature controlling technology
  • Easy to get 1 pack of scotch laminating Pouch free of charge: only need you to show off what you've done with this laminator on your Facebook or other social media
  • And then send screen shots to marigold technology
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