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LOFTEK LED Portable Floodlight

The LOFTEK LED Portable Floodlight Outdoor Floodlight USB Power Bank  is a portable light that will be perfect for any emergency or in case you need a light or charge. This little device can charge your devices with the external battery power of 4000mah and provide you with bright LED light through a large framed window. This light is as bright as a 100W halogen bulb and doesn't use up all the charge, giving you more time to use it and less time recharging. It doesn't get overheated or cause any issue with you touching the device while it's on. Instead, you get a bright light that stays cool and touchable the entire time it's on!
I have to say that the size is excellent! It's portable and doesn't weigh much. So no fears about taking this with you and being weighed down by it! Plus can fit in or on a bag or in your hands. It's a perfect alternative to a flashlight, and it's brighter with more of the area covered in light and provides you with extra power to charge any smartphone up quickly. Plus, the design is a steel frame style square very heavy duty and durable. You also have that large window with the light, which allows for a large area to be revealed in light and a side where the USB ports are located for adding in the phone cord or charging cord for the device. 
Finally, the entire device is very portable, useful for travelers or those who just love to adventure outside their house. It's a great way to charge other devices and provides a great bright light for any purpose, emergency or just to see through the night! I really love the frame square design and how very easy it is to turn on and off. It really is a great product to own or even have in the car for a just in case purpose.
Product Information:
  • Best Choice For Outdoor Exploration : IP54 Waterproof rating, 4000mah Battery Capacity
  • Brighter Than Brighter : Equal to 100W halogen bulb, super bright and Low Power Consumption, Save 90% energy
  • Convenient Design : Can charge smartphone via USB with 5V/1A.
  • Durable Construction : Excellent craftsmanship with a Steel Frame, high end, and Ultra-Compact Metal, outstanding attention to Detail and Flexible Light Regulation, Fade Resistant.
  • 【Time limited sales】Save $8.00 when you purchase 1 or more New LOFTEK Portable Flood Light offered by LOFTEK Direct. Enter code LK06PLF2 at checkout.
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