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Jewel Silk Scarves - Jamevar Tan Wool Poncho

Let me begin by asking, "Doesn't everyone wanna feel fabulous or beautiful?" I know those are words I would love to hear and feel when it comes to fashion. I honestly want to feel and look great anywhere I go, especially if it's cold out or if I'm running late and have to run out the door! No matter what the day brings! So I was super excited to come upon a site known as Jewel Silk Scarves. It's not your typical retail shop that supplies you with thin or cheap scarves that are machine made by the dozen. Instead, Jewel Silk Scarves is a shop that has handcrafted scarves and accessories created by artisans around the world and even in the USA.  
Plus, the owner Julia is such a wonderful person who created this shop to provide great gifts for the home and for us women. Especially the beautiful scarves and shawls, which would many any of us feel great about ourselves. Also, her company supports National Breast Cancer Awareness by bringing in "Pink Scarves" and donating the money made to a southern Connecticut Women's Center. All I can say is that this shop is one you should definitely check out, and I really love that Jewel Silk Scarves give back to a cause that many women face, especially for my Grandma. She has been through breast cancer and has been free from it for 12 years, which I am so thankful that she survived and won the battle!
Now for what I was able to try from Julia's beautifully handcrafted accessory,is the Jamevar Tan Wool Poncho. It's just one of the beauties inside of Julia's online shop. Of course, each of them, especially the one I am wearing is all handcrafted with natural fiber. To that, all I feel and see is the well-designed details and how much love that went into this poncho! 
The size and feel are wonderful! You will stay extremely comfortable through the cool weather with this wool poncho and always fashionable as well! I love the tassels on the ends, and if you wanted to find something that works for casual and fancy, well this is definitely it! I could see wearing this to many elegant parties and even for the holiday get together with my family and friends. 

The main reason this made me fall in love is the detailed design and colors. The blue color of the poncho reminds me of royalty by the deep blue color, while the tan adds the outline of the paisley and leaf design. Also, I've recently been loving the paisley pattern. It's something about the paisley that just looks great on shawls and ponchos like this! Though the details, the size, and the beauty of this poncho really makes me feel like a million dollars and keeps me warm without having to put on a jacket or coat. I just can't stop getting compliments and smiling faces that just can not stop staring at this beautiful Jamevar Tan Wool Poncho.
I think when this shop says it makes women feel good about themselves, I feel it really holds true to every word! Especially because this is how I feel every time I put it on! Finally, I'd like to say that wearing a piece of Jewel Silk Scarves does improve your self-esteem and confidence. It's not only for looks but helping you feel positive and comfortable every time you put one of their handmade fashion accessories on! Plus, the holidays are coming up and this would make a great gift to the one you love. ♥
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Product Information:
Our luxurious Jamevar Wool Poncho is woven in a classic paisley weave design and made of 100% Merino Wool, complimented by striking shades of blue and purple.  This Wool Poncho has a reversible weave and a  perfect for a transition from Fall into Winter. 

Information About Jewel Silk Scarves:
Jewel Silk Scarves provides a wide variety of unique handmade products from creative artisan crafters at affordable prices. Our company is committed to providing best in class customer service, in addition to working with the most traditional detailed artisans and inspiring eco-friendly fashions. A woman should feel the experience of knowing her fashionable garment or jewelry was made with the utmost pride in detail for her complete comfort.

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