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HopTiger Safety Harness, Wrist Leash

The HopTiger Safety Harness is an excellent new safety idea for the kids and your peace of mind! Maybe your kids get lost by wandering around a store, or you want to keep an eye on them, protecting them from leaving your side. Since the world out there is dangerous! Therefore, a Hoptiger Saftey Harness, which doesn't put any pain, strain or harm to the arm of the child or yourself, you can easily keep an eye on the child and never lose sight of them again!
small and large for adult and child wrists. These are also adjustable.
Easy velcro attachment
Strong flexible bungee like cord. 
I had a friend who's son would run wild through the store, and she had no idea most of the time where he was. Many of her friends and myself had warned her about the dangers and anyone could take him. So when I got this in, it made me realize how well this would have helped her out! I mean it's something that easily straps on the wrist, and keeps a nice hold onto the child. This leaves you without fear  or worry that your young child will be gone! It's such a simple product and works wonders for the parent or whoever may be watching the child. 
Finally, don't feel embarrassed to protect your child, it's better safe than sorry. Plus, with the simple design, anyone can use this and not fear or have difficulty putting it on. It's like the missing link you needed when shopping with your child. No more fear and so much more peace of mind, while browsing through each aisle.
Product Information:
  • Designed for 1-12 years old. Weight only 0.22lb. 5.9 Feet PU Cord with stainless steel inside.
  • Double Layer Velcro to avoid undetected escape attempts. Normally the 1-3 years old little kids can not undo the strap. An older kid could undo it, but normally they are old enough to follow your instruction not to touch the strap.
  • [Customer Testimonials]: My 3 y.o. and 5 y.o. actually, like having this on their wrist. It easily retracts and extends when needed. Does not hurt the wrists at all. I plan to bring this to Bali with us on our trip.
  • [Customer Testimonials]: It depends on the child's age. My 4 yr old could undo the strap after he figured it out. I personally loved the strap and felt comfortable with it. He was next to me at all times so I felt the tug on my arm so it was okay. He knew not to touch it after I told him no, so it worked for us while at the amusement parks and airports.
  • [Customer Testimonials]: My 2-year-old was not able to escape this contraption while we were on our cruise.
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