Friday, November 25

Hfun Nail Clippers Set

The Hfun Nail Clippers are terrific for thick and thin nails. You can remove those hangnails and have an even, perfect cut every time! No more half cut throughs or any tugging needed to remove a nail. The sharp edge gives you a smooth one and one cut, no need to double cut in the same area to remove that thick toenail or any of those finger nails. 
I love that this comes in a case, perfect to travel or store when not in use. Plus you can keep it with you near the couch or where every you might cut your nails. It's strong stainless steel design allows for a strong and durable product! It's not going to break or fall apart and not even rust on you. I have only positive results with this product! It's just the best when it comes to all nail types and is such nice in weight quality and design. 
I don't slip when gripping or handling these tools and they remove all those hangnails and tough nails that normally would take longer to tear off, but with Hfun Nail Clippers Set, I get a perfect cut every time! Finally, for an extra special addition to these nail clippers, you get on top unde the blue film a nail filer on both! This really is a terrific tool for the nails, keeping well groomed is easier with Hfun!
Product Information:
  • ULTRA SHARP: Innovative hardening technical, 2 X Sharper than a normal cutter. Best clippers for thick and tough nails, leave a nice edge and resist abrasion.
  • ERGONOMIC:Unique handle design makes it easier to control and deliver a precise clip. Super handy built-in nail file design in both nail nippers (peel off blue film to reveal).
  • BUILT TO LAST: Made of Zinc Alloys on top and #304 Stainless Steel on the bottom, more durable and sturdy for a longer service time. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!!!
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