Saturday, November 26

HappyCXz- Tiger Face Wax Seal Stamp

I was lucky enough to try my very first decorative, but probably not last wax seal stamp. It came from the shop known as HappyCXz, which provides many different stamp designs and wax sealers. Honestly, I really enjoy this Tiger Face Wax Seal Stamp. It's my own personal choice, and it's just one of the many that the company's shop provides. They have so many nice ones that are very well detailed as the tiger I have here. The stamp is actually a perfect size to seal the envelope with the melted wax, which they include inside and a small spoon too! 
The quality is excellent and for being my first decorative stamp wax seal, it really stands up to multiple uses in wax and stamping over and over again. Also, When it makes an imprint on the wax, you can see the details throughout. I do like that it's not a tiny size image, but a larger one for anyone to see. The product comes with everything, the handle and the choice of wax seal stamps like my tiger, wax from mini tea light candle and spoon. It's a perfect gift and a great addition to add to any envelope for closing and sealing tight!
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Product Information:
  • Every stamp's size range is 132 cm each Stamps size according to the actual situation
  • Rubber Stamps can be as a birthday gift, Christmas gifts, children's day gift
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