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HAMSWAN Universal Car Mount

 The HAMSWAN Universal Car Mount Holder is a strong, very well designed product! If you take a look at the top, which has all those suction cups, you'll notice that it's not going to let go of your device or even cause damage. This mount is going to attach with its suction grip on to the device and pull it close, leaving you hands-free in the car with a smartphone in eyes view. This can be great for using the phone to take or make a call, GPS, while on a road trip the passenger can view a video or play a game, and so much more!
The reason I find this item to be top notch is that it's not a wimpy and easy to break product! I never saw such a strong mount that has so much strong suction cups, which don't let go easily!
You really have to pull hard to remove the suction grip. That is the first way to test any car suction mount, is not while actually driving but when the product is in front of you. This way if you know the suction is good, you will have peace of mind it will provide a nice grip and won't end up causing the phone to break on the floor of the car.  Plus, with a good base adhesive, as this mount comes with, it'll stay attached to a specific area in the car, until you remove it.
3 additional adhesive backs included
Finally, I love the black, it works with all vehicles and since you can hold even a tablet or GPS on it, it's very useful for multiple reasons. I absolutely like the design and for those long travels when a GPS or map is needed, this can really come in handy. Especially for those who love to take a call in the car and don't want to get into an accident because you took a look at your phone or trying to hold the phone and driving.
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Product Information:
  • NO METAL PLATE IS REQUIRED. Attach your smartphone to the silicone suction, it will hold your smartphone tightly. No metal plate or magnet is directly attached reduces the harm to your phone.
  • SUPER STRONG 3M ADHESIVES. The base can be adhered to any smooth part on your car with 3M adhesive. The 3M adhesive can be used for ONLY ONCE, but there are another three on the package list.
  • 360 DEGREES RORATION. It can be adjusted to any angle for your viewing angle with a 360 degree angled head for easy support, perfect viewing angle, and hands-free device control while allowing play of CDs and music.
  • STYLISH DESIGN AND MULTIFUNCTIONAL USE. It is cute and portable. Without 3M adhesive, it is also suitable for you to put it on the sofa or desk to watch TV or movie with your cellphone or tablet.
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY. Compatible with Smartphones/ Tablets/ GPS Navigations within 5.5 Inch. PLEASE NOTE only smooth back cover can be attached to the suction.
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