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GreatPlastic Decorations - ElEAGANT Diamond Place Card Holder

I have been so impressed by these beautiful card holders found online. The company, GreatPlastic Decorations had a wonderful supply of elegant products and what caught my eyes were the ElEAGANT Diamond Place Card Holders. They are the most fabulous design for my desk and for guests who are coming to my parties I host! Honestly, I never had a party table look so elegant and even as a card holder on my desk it just works for me! The card holders would work perfectly for anyone who may want to use them for weddings and party decorations. It's a great way to help guests know where they are being seated or to find their seats. 
They come in 12 pc sets of single colors.
 The ones in the photos are a mix ample of each color option.
Now, I don't mind to get fancy but honestly, if your life is in the office or hosting parties, I feel these really keep things fashionable and elegant. Especially if it's this gorgeous crystal clear, diamond style card holders! Anyone who comes to your desk will be impressed and mesmerized by the beauty. This is also true if you are celebrating and need a great name tag holder. Since these may even be a great conversation piece and honestly can make the party even special with the elegant design.
When I take a look at the ElEAGANT Diamond Place Card Holders all I see is a  stylish, but super fancy way to decorate and such a handy helper for any type of cards. For example, you can actually make anyone think you spent a pretty penny on these but honestly, they are super affordable and add the special dazzle!  Plus, they are very strong, durable, and designed perfectly like a diamond, no disfigured shape in the bunch!

A few favorites thing I love about these is that you do get 12pcs, which is perfect for a party or close group of people. You can even notice that they are perfectly designed like diamonds and 
with that small slit to allow the paper to fit evenly and stand tall for visual viewing of the card. Lastly, if you want, they can act also like a small paperweight, but as a stand, it's a beauty! Finally, for a party, get together, office desk, or any occasion this set of 12 ElEAGANT Diamond Place Card Holders are a beauty to own!
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Product Information:
  • Item: ElEAGANT Diamond place card holder
  • Material: They are made from top acrylic ,food grade
  • Size: Individual Acorn 1.58"round x 0.9" height ,1.5mm width x 10mm depth for the slot
  • ☺♥ Perfect for wedding favors, offices, anniversaries party, home decorations etc ♥☺
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