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Fenglin Oasis - Folding Portable Lightbox Studio

The company Fenglin Oasis has a wonderful way for you to take object photos without the background and keeping the product you want in the photograph, the main image in the photo. This item is known as the Folding Portable Lightbox Studio. It's a white box, which provides a LED light to illuminate the box and give the object or item you want to photograph a perfect brightness and no other surrounding items or background image captures. Plus, if you wanted to sell on Ebay or Amazon and any other site, this gives you that perfect product photo you can use to post to sell.
What many Lightbox Studios don't have, which this version does is that it includes the ability to fold it down and allows you the ability to take it anyplace and store it safely away. Plus, with the additional tripod you can station your camera at the right angle and height to capture the perfect angled photo you want every time! Also, as mentioned before, the LED light comes in handy and allows for an easier way to take a clear shot of the object without any area being too shady and unable to make out the details. 
I never thought of these to be a big deal, but honestly, they really help you take a photo of objects that are more professional, clearer to see, and great to get an idea of what you are offering or sharing online when there isn't anything else left in the background. Plus, with the included LED light, the option of white and black background and a tripod to capture the perfect photo, this is a Lightbox Studio worth purchasing! Finally, I can tell you the quality is excellent and it's an inexpensive way to have great photos for a shop you own, advertising a product you want to share, and much more!

Product Information:
  • Portable Folding magnetic circuit structure design, more convenient to install and carry.
  • Material: acrylic+ABS plastic
  • Suitable for shooting small products, such as toys, jewelry, watches and so on. very beautiful.
  • Built-in led light, providing average light and prevents shadows and reflections in your photos.
  • With 2 backgrounds pads(black and white), and built-in light and USB cable (you should prepare a smartphone charger to power it.)
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