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Collins Gem French Dictionary by Collins Dictionaries

It's always useful to have a dictionary around when you are trying to learn or understand how to use certain words, also for defining. A great reference for anyone is a dictionary and Collins is known to have plenty of all different languages and for those who need it to help them with schoolwork or learn something new! The language I'm interested in, is French. I've always loved the French language and have studied it throughout high school, but as of now, I forgot most of the words and how to place them together. Plus, would love to learn more words and how to use them. Therefore, I came upon Collins Gem French Dictionary. This is just as simple as any dictionary, with everything in order with each letter of the alphabet and words to be defined in blue print making it easy to find and read.
The dictionary has all the words for what we would call an object or person in English but in French. Plus, with the definition beside each, it's simple enough to understand what the word is referring too. What is best about this dictionary, is that it's a true gem! I mean it's tiny and portable to take anyplace, without the bulk or heavy weight. Something that can be great beside a desk, taken to school or pretty much any place you want to look up a word. The blue color and red is a nice touch as well as the white for the words. Some would say it's a perfect example of the French and their flag. Finally, this is a great reference book, something a student or one who is in love with learning and understanding the French language could definitely use!
Information About The Author:
Collins Dictionaries - Pioneers in dictionary publishing since 1819

Book Information:
  • 672 PAGES, 3 X 4.5
  • TRADE PAPER, $7.95 (US $7.95)
  • ISBN 9780008141875
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Ipgbook - Collins Gem French Dictionary By Collins Dictionaries

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