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Chris-Wang 1Pc Vintage Letter Initial Wax Seal Stamp

I have recently gotten into the enjoyment of wax seal stamps and the shop known as Chris W. supplies plenty of these wonderful letters like the N I have here. The shop also provides so many office supplies and gadgets that make our lives easier! However, I was able to try this Chirs-Wang Vintage Letter N Wax Stamp Sealer with a metal initial letter stamp bottom and a sturdy, strong wooden handle. I feel the quality is excellent and one of the nices detailed letters I can stamp on an envelope! It's honestly such a lovely piece, like an antique letter stamper that reminds me of the ages when they would possibly use such a way to seal a letter, like Kings and Queens.
The entire product just screams retro! Plus, it's just something any office should own or have in their collection. Now, the wooden handle is easy to grip, formed to fit the hand and allows you to hold it tightly to make the impression of the letter stamp into the wax. 
It's letter piece, which I chose the N, comes out nicely designed and you can see all the details in the wax.  I actually had wanted to try something with crayons and using a wax sealer to seal an envelope with melted crayon wax. I figure a colorful wax with my Initial would be creative. However, this product does wonders and is quite nicely designed. So no matter the letter you choose for a wax sealer, they all will have a very lovely detailed design that gives the envelope you seal a look of
elegance and beauty!
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Product Information:
  • Antique Alphabet Initial Letter Design, Come with Initial Letter "N"
  • Widely used for customs, security, banking, insurance, legal, anti-counterfeiting packaging, high-end arts, crafts, gifts, stationery, daily necessities, craft gifts, invitations, etc.
  • Material: Brass head & Wood Handle
  • Seal Diameter: 1" (2.5cm); Total Length: 3 1/2" (9.0cm)
  • Remembering a time in the past, when communication was done with a quill stylus and a well of ink, and the family seal pressed into wax on the fold was proof that your message was private and unread until the seal was broke
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