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BLLED Professional Camera Tripod

 I am a huge fan of photography! I read all the books, enjoy the gear, and collect cameras of all types, old and new! However, having a perfect accessory to hold the camera or camcorder up is really necessary if you're taking photos or videos daily. The one I have been very impressed with lately is called the BLLED Professional Camera Tripod
Now you might wonder what the difference of a BLLED Professional Camera Tripod may be towards the rest in the market. Well, first off the product you buy, you want to have it hold up many of your cameras and camcorders you own. So the legs have to be sturdy and not lose it's strength once you extend them. As you can tell the legs of this tripod are thick and made to keep a stable position on the ground with an even balance for the camera to stay in place. However, this tripod actually has the choice of extension, as short as 18inches to 65inches tall. It's also always good to have an option with size and not one that does just go to one length for use. Plus, if you want to store this tripod it's a whole lot easier to reduce the tripods length and put it in the vehicle, bag, or any other place you want to take it to travel or store away.
Next, the BLLED Tripod has the capability of two products. For example, this tripod has the similar features of a traditional tripod, but instead of just begin used as a tripod it can also be a monopod. So either as a one leg monopod or a three leg tripod you can use it as needed and easily attach or remove the legs as needed. Also with the center of the tripod, you can move it a full 360 degrees. This in away allows you more control and ability to take photos anyway you'd like! I never saw one that allows you take the DLSR or a smaller camera and go under neither the legs to take an upside down photo if you'd like. However, it's just something that many don't provide and still strong enough to hold the camera from falling off or the tripod falling down.
So after covering the sturdy and strong legs that extend for that right reach you may need to take a photo or video, I'd like to talk about the top. Now this is the second important piece when it comes to the tripod. There are many release plates that can handle a few types of cameras, while
others are made to hold the largest and smallest types you may have. For example, with a DSLR Camera the BLLED Tripod is strong enough to hold and release the camera with ease. Same thing goes for the smaller types, point, and shoot or even a classic 35mm. No matter the size it's going to withstand and allow you to handle the camera of your choice. 
Plus, with the few features like the 360 horizontal ball head, you can adjust the camera and photograph or record any way you like. Now another thing to point out is that the release plate is extended and a nicer design than the traditional release plates. I feel in my opinion, the extended release plate allows for me to easily remove and adjust the camera as needed without struggle. Plus, it gives me an extra bit of length I need to take photos or videos.

Finally, this is a wonderful tripod, very heavy duty and a perfect companion to any camera you may own! I love the design, the color and how tall I can extend this version too. Plus, it comes with the additional shoulder carry bag for a simpler way to carry this lovely tripod all over, where ever you may travel!

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Product Information:
  • 2-in-1 tripod, the tripod will become a monopod by screwing together the removable center column and one removable tripod leg( the one of lock and unlock marks)
  • Column Hook design in the bottom of the center-column, increase its stability by adding in the additional weight
  • Easy to carry : the tripod legs can be inverted and folded back 180 degree, little space and more comfortably to carry; Rotating twist locks control 4-section leg, control a height range of 18" to 65".
  • The 360 degree panoramic panning dial built-in bubble levels allows you to set up precision shoots to capture the panoramic beauty.
  • Anodic oxidation processed&anti-corrosion Magnesium and aluminum alloy tube is the best one for indoor and outdoor photography. Taking beautiful pictures in anywhere and anytime for your family , friends or traveling shoots.
  • Material: Aluminium and Magnesium Alloy
  • Tripod Height : from 22 inch to  65 inch 
  • Monopod Max Height: 72 inch
  • Folded Length: 18 inch
  • Head Type: Ball Head 
  • Leg Lock Type: 4 Leg Twist Lock 
  • Panning Range: 360° 
  • support separate panning lock and quick-release plate with bubble level
  • Tripod Net Weight: 1.7kg/ 3.7lbs
Package Includes
  • 1 x Ball Head Tripod 
  • 1 x Allen Wrench 
  • 1 x Quick Release Plate 
  • 1 x Additional Center Column 
  • 1 x International 1/4" Standard Screw 
  • 1 x Tripod Carrying Case
  • 1 x Simple Instructions 
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