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BangGood - Mini Desktop Auto Winding Electric Sewing Machine

Sometimes sewing with not much space can be tricky! Especially, if you use a sewing machine to create beautiful pillow cases, repair different fabric material, curtains, and so on. However, if you have this adorable sewing machine, the Mini Desktop Auto Winding Electric Sewing Machine Household Double Stitch Sewing with LED Light you wouldn't need to worry about space or sewing by hand. This sewing machine has the same ability to sew up fabrics quicker as a real large machine but without taking up too much space and can travel with you.
I find it to be my new travel companion when I go around the house, outside, or out of state. It's small, easy to handle and doesn't slow me down when I need to sew a few straight lines. The device works exactly like the larger models and though I do love my large machine, this one is so much easier for me to use anyplace. Plus, it runs on batteries and that way I don't need to be near a plug outlet. All I can say to that is I have so much more freedom to move all over. Plus, the LED light is totally handy when I need to see exactly what I'm working on, as a few small machines like this don't include a light, I'd highly recommend one with a LED. It's given me the same help and appearance of my big machine with the light but in a smaller, travel-friendly, and desktop size!
Now just like the regular size machine I own, this one includes a pedal and DC 6V power supply cord. However, you don't need to use the cord if you have double A batteries inserted, making it portable anyplace and useful without an outlet. However, to save battery power and while inside near an outlet, the cord can come in handy. Either way, this device runs excellent! Also if you are 
into double stitches, this machine can do this and also wind up the string automatically, another feature most doesn't include within a small size device!
Moving on to the design, I love it! The similar look of a large machine, just in a smaller size. Plus, each place to put the bobbin and thread on the machine is available and so are the buttons to switch the design of the stitch and start it up. Let's just say this is one super easy machine to learn, even for children or beginners interested in sewing. Also, it's made to be non-slip so you don't need to fear that when it's on the machine will be moving all over, causing incorrect stitches and possibly a mess or disaster. It's very safe and easy to use.
Finally, I just love the design, the portability, and the quality stitches I get every time! I had no problem with the machine and it runs quickly. I feel as if my large machine had a child and this would be it! There isn't anything better than having the freedom to sew anyplace, that is if you are in love with sewing as I am! I highly recommend checking this product out, the Mini Desktop Auto Winding Electric Sewing Machine Household Double Stitch Sewing with LED Light from Banggood.

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Product Information:
  • Mini and Portable
  • Double Stitch Sewing
  • Thread Tautness Regulator
  • Double Stitch
  • Non-Slip Design
  • DC Charger
  • Pedal
  • Portable
  • Battery Power Supply

  • Brand: Fannghua China
  • Product Model: FHSM-202 
  • Color: white + red
  • Material: ABS plastic + metal
  • Size: 200x190x100mm
  • Light source: 1pcs white LED
  • Power supply: DC charger / 4xAA Battery
  • Output voltage: 6V
  • Input voltage: 100V-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Speed adjustment: can be adjusted speed, fits for beginner and expert
  • Double stitch: more strong between upper thread and down thread
  • Exquisite appearance: human design, mini and convenience, easy operation
  • Built-in LED light: see more clearly at night during operation
  • This sewing machine can seam, hem, buttonholing, auto winding or etc.
  • You can make unique clothes for you and family, transform the old clothes, make cute little pajamas for your baby, add a name tag and label on the baby's cloth, make a new curtain and pillowcase or etc.
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