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AQV Wireless Waterproof Doorbell Kit

I never had  a doorbell. So having one like the AQV Wireless Doorbell that takes only a few seconds to install is wonderful! The kit here is just a plug and play, with one receiver and transmitter. It's simple and sounds great! The quality is a strong, durable product with a sound that you can hear throughout a small or large home. However, I can tell the sound is loud enough in my house which isn't huge and not two layers, but just one. So for me, it works great and I can hear it from the far end of my home, which the door is all the way on the other side.
Also, it's waterproof and no need to fear damage by any water that might blow or somehow fall and get all over the device. It's perfect outdoors and so easy to use, with a press of the button
the sound is heard. Of course, plugged in first!  Plus, everything is included, the receiver and transmitter. You don't need to buy anything separate to use this wonderful device. Finally, it's an excellent kit with a LED light for a simple replacement or addition to a home that needs a doorbell.
Product Information:
  • Modern and Stylish Design: White looks more fresh and generous. Wireless doorbell in engineering construction, eliminating the trouble of wiring. 900 feet operation range (in the open area). Doorbell's signal can be effected by metal, walls, concretes and the interference signal from other electronics. Please do install them within the environment with not many obstacles.
  • Multichoice: There are 52 pieces of ring tones including bird song,dog barking, alarm, 'Hello,welcome',other piano melodies,classical chimes and so on. 4-level adjustable volume 30~110 dB. The doorbell provides two installation ways:3M double-sided adhesive and the expansion bolts. According to practical requirement, select the appropriate accessories to install. Application: office buildings, ordinary houses, the elderly contact device.
  • Easy to Use:This is AC powered plug type receiver (no batteries required for the main receiver). Receiver easily plugs into an electrical outlet in a room. Transmitter with a blue push button and 12V 23A alkaline battery provides power(INCLUDED).
  • Low Power Consumption: Power consumption of receiver less than 0.5W and transmitter less than 10mW. The receiver uses LED blue light, in the life expectancy is far more than similar LED. Not only that, LED beads in power consumption is relatively low, which will be great for enhancing the battery life.
  • Quality Guarantee:If you are not 100% satisfied with the purchase for any reason, don't hesitate to contact us to request a refund or replacement. AQV offers 90 days refund without preconditions and lifetime warranty.
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