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2016 Portable Skin Tag Machine

Today I'd like to talk to you about a terrific company that supplies so many wonderful gadgets for beauty! This company, Guangzhou Yting Beautslim Equipment Co.,LTD which is an excellent shop that supplies high-quality items to prevent aging or combat any kind of skin problems. Mainly this shop supplies you with so many professional spa and beauty products. So today I have for you an excellent skin tool that this company supplies. The device is known as the Portable Skin Tag Machine, which does more than remove skin tags. This device can actually remove those unwanted freckles, skin tags, and even small tattoos too!  In my eyes, this device will help you achieve a clean look without those imperfections you don't want.  
The Portable Skin Tag Machine is not like many I've seen and tried before. The difference would be that they weren't portable like this one. This design is able to be cord free, so you don't need to stand or sit by a wall outlet to use it. Instead, you are able to freely move about and take the device anyplace. Plus, as a portable version, you can recharge it with the charging cord (charging USB cord included) and then it's ready to be used. I did notice with the first few uses, that the strength and power are similar to the corded versions I use to use, but this version is easier to decide on how strong you want the power to be, with the 3 choices from low to 3 being the highest strength.
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Now, the options for the strength of the device is either 1 to 3 with setting like low, medium, and high. Honestly, I normally wouldn't use high as for small moles or skin tags, the low and medium settings are fine. If I'm going deep and need the extra power, then the higher setting is extremely helpful. Plus, there honestly is no pain if you use the low setting and use the product correctly. It's a quicker process, but take your time in the area, to remove every piece and not go in too deep. You only work the area with the device once and go to the next part.
I do want to mention that with each use, it does feel close to a tiny sting, but not as if you burnt yourself more like a quick pinch when you have it on medium or high and are not use to the feeling. However, it really doesn't really feel painful for long, only a few seconds and it's better to end with clear beautiful skin then damaged age spots and skin tags that appear on use as we age. Therefore, this product is something I highly recommend for skin tag and mole removal as well for some other skin imperfections you don't want to have. Finally, it's useful all the time as we age we grow more, so to be prepared, save cash from going to a dermatologist or anyone to take them off, well this will save you plenty!
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Product Information:
  • Fast shipment , ship by DHL/UPS or FEDEX, takes about 5 days to your door
  • Removal spot without hurting the normal skin/without blooding / easy carry / easy operation
  • It has 3 kinds of intensity for different treatment. Lower level is used on spot and freckle. Strong level is used on mole and skin tags.
  • It uses new generation of plasma micro district discharge technology with low temperature and high frequency 
  • Directly charge by USB cord.
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