Friday, October 14, 2016

You and Your Windows 10 Computer by Studio Visual Steps

Oh my, I'm scared to use my Windows 10! Honestly, I'm confused and with the results, my mom is having, I feel a bit lost on how the computer really works. Everything is different from the past releases and of course, it'll just keep getting different. However, I need to learn how to work the new Windows and that is why the book, You and Your Windows 10 Computer by Studio Visual Steps is here to help!
I honestly always seen these types of books and had an idea that this could be a solution I really needed for anything new on computers, phones, and even tablets! The Studio Visual Steps book is just that visual reference to each part of the computer. I mean if I am starting out, without an idea this book will guide me to everything about the computer, Windows 10 edition and how to use each feature. Plus, some is even useful for older computers, possibly Windows 8 and understanding some things that you didn't know about the computer. I mean a few things are basic and every computer may have these features, but for these books they are great for those who don't have an idea on the new design and if you need to refer to something else while accessing something you need too.

I felt this is the best way to get an eye view on each thing I need to learn. If I get lost, having the book I can refer to the specific page for guidance. Many online searches can be difficult and take long to find all the answers or get a correct one. So to have a book with all the details and answers in one place is terrific! Finally, if you have a Windows 10 and scared to try it or lost on how it works then you should take a look in this book, you'll be glad you did!

Information About The Author:
Studio Visual Steps is the publisher of the well-known computer books for Seniors and is dedicated to helped individuals over the age of 50 participate in the latest technology regarding software and the use of the Internet. The Studio Visual Steps team of authors is comprised of a variety of professionals, all thoroughly experienced in their own subject field.

Book Information:

  • 352 PAGES, 7.75 X 10
  • TRADE PAPER, $24.95 (US $24.95) (CA $29.95)
  • ISBN 9789059054325

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Ipgbook - You and Your Windows 10 Computer Everything you need to know about your computer, Internet, digital photos and more By Studio Visual Steps

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