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The A to Z of Lipstick By Poppy King, Foreword by Sadie Stein, Illustrated by David Foote

The book, The A to Z of Lipstick by Poppy King is such an excellent read! If you love lipstick and ever wondered about everything about lipstick from color to the creation, well this book will help you with that! I love guides and references, especially on beauty. This book is definitely for the girl who loves wearing lipstick and wants a little help choosing the right color for any occasion or even how it was created. 
This isn't a huge guide but a charming book that is fun to flip through and learn something that was never really thought about when it comes to lipstick. You get some interesting help to choosing a great shade for a date night, to appear sophisticated, to just the different fabulous styles you can buy! Plus learn about famous people who wear lipstick and super awesome tips when using lipstick like preventing it to stain the teeth. I really just love it! Since you know there are so many colors and types like glossy or matte, but finding the right one is a bit hard. Plus not knowing anything about lipstick or all different types we use on our lips, well this book is here to help, in a cute small pocket size.
No matter how old you are, any woman would love this book. It's so fun to learn how and what lipstick to pick as well as a little knowledge about lipstick and different colors. Finally, this is a wonderful book and such a cute guide on lipstick.
Information About The Author:
Poppy King is an internationally renowned trend spotter, creator, color expert and innovative business leader. She lives in Manhattan and runs her own cosmetics brand, Lipstick Queen.

Book Information:
  • Hardcover: 176 pages
  • Publisher: Atria Books (November 1, 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 150114166X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1501141669
  • Product Dimensions: 4 x 0.6 x 6 inches
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SimonAndSchuster - The A to Z of Lipstick By Poppy King Foreword by Sadie Stein / Illustrated by David Foote

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