Oct 17, 2016

Surefire Rubber Band Guns

There is a company known as Surefire, which provides all USA-made wooden guns that shoot rubber bands. A set of products that allow kids and adults to have fun shooting targets.
The best part of these wooden guns is the true smell of natural wood once you get a hand on one. They have the realistic design of a gun with many different options to choose from. I've luckily was able to review two of their popular small handguns, and yet they have so much more on their site, surefireproducts.comLet me say, you'll be amazed by the different types and how realistic they are to the real thing!
The Texas Long Barrel 12-Shot is an easy loader, with the bands to get you started! The only ammo you will need is rubber bands with this lovely gun! It's setup is simple and all you have to do is find the target and hit the trigger. The handle is easy to grip and the long barrel is so realistic to the true gun. However, this one is wood and you can tell the real smell once it's in your hands.
Each band can be reused if you can find them and they shoot a far distance like a bullet. This is just a wonderful product and possibly much safer than any other type of gun. The bands are strong and can take down a stack of cans or bottles, but the best part is that there are 12 that can be fired from the gun. Plus, you can pick them up and reuse them for a few more times. I also found that normal tan bands work too, but of course for the best option is to get ones like the blue bands since they are thicker and will stretch to fit the gun and not break easily.
Finally, this is a terrific gift idea for anybody young or old! It's got no age limit and can be something that would take you outside to play with! Plus, it's 100% real wood and the feel is so realistic like a true gun.
Product Information:
  • Most Amazing and Safe Fun Ever.
  • Great fun and easy to load, hours of fun for all the family.
  • Takes 12 Bands in one go that can be fired a single shot at a time or in a rapid quick fire.
  • Or ages 5 to 95 with safety features built in, 25 cm long.
  • Supplied with a bag of ammo (blue bands) and 12 months no quibble "Guarantee"
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The Lugar 12-Shot is another hand style gun, with rubber bands to get you started. This gun is 
safe to use as all of SureFire products and made of 100% wood! The bands shoot at a far distance and given you that feeling of a true weapon. Plus, so easy to shoot and refill the bands on the gun for endless target shooting. Of course, becareful to not shot one another and only bottles, cans or objects that don't move. 
This is something you'd love to play with the entire family since no age restriction anyone can have fun using this gun outdoors. It is something that won't cause damage like other toy guns and is fragrant with real wood. Actually, that smell is quite lovely and the entire gun is smooth
and comfortable to handle. Plus, with the bands that are included, and they will fly far too! Many guns don't really give the bands or any bullet that can really catch some flight and distance in the air, but this takes off and can go the distance.
These guns are so durable and created perfectly, no rough edges or wood out of place. I really love the style of this gun, it's honestly a fun real toy that would be enjoyed all year round!
Product Information:
  • USA MADE - Handmade in the USA by us from 100% replenishable wood, direct from the home of the Rubber Band Shooter (Surefire Products)
  • Great fun and easy to load, hours of fun for all the family
  • Takes 12 Bands in one go that can be fired single shot at a time or in rapid quick fire
  • For ages 4 to 94 with safety features built in, 29 cm long
  • Comes with a large bag of ammo (blue bands) & 12 a month no quibble "Guarantee"
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Finally, for both of these guns, they are well designed to shoot the bands a far distance and not leave you with any painful splinters due to the nice smooth design. If you want the real things from a US company than Surefire is the place to shop!

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