Oct 7, 2016

Singer(R) Sewing Custom Curtains, Shades, and Top Treatments by Susan Woodcock

I love Singer, always wanted one since I seen it on TV. Now that I have my own sewing machine, I'm always looking for some fun creative items I can make for my home or another. The book, Singer(R) Sewing Custom Curtains, Shades, and Top Treatments by Susan Woodcock is a change from just sewing pillow cases or bags. This book is packed with extraordinary and fabulous curtains that would make my house look like it got a makeover with a real designer! Honestly, looking through the book I just couldn't believe the beautiful designs and styles inside.

I do like to point out that this is a bit of a jump for any beginner. I mean it can be a bit difficult for a novice to start working with this book. However, it does have everything you do need to know and how to setup before beginning. So it might be difficult and give you something to look forward if you want a sewing challenge. However, that is just my opinion, you might find this book to be a piece of cake, especially if your use to sewing fabrics.
I do love the real photos of each curtain inside and the full detailed instructions for guidance. It's very easily organized and isn't going to leave you searching for answers while working on the project or even forget to tell you what you need. I always hate when you find out like near the end of a project that you'll need something else and don't have it. Finally, each section of this book will get you planning for the project, understanding what you'll need, the techniques that will go into each project, and the types you can create! Excellent book and my very first for curtains, shades, and top treatments.
Information About The Author:
Susan Woodcock owns HomeDecGal.com, a how-to sewing and decorating resource and workroom in western North Carolina. She began teaching professionally in 2003, and is currently a Craftsy.com instructor. She has also worked in marketing and brand management and is co-producer of the Custom Workroom Conference with her husband, Rodger Walker. She credits her mother for teaching her to sew, leading to a career of creativity.

Book Information:
  • Author: Susan Woodcock
  • Format: Trade Paperback , 232 Pages
  • ISBN: 9781589239319
  • Publisher: Creative Publishing international
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Quartoknows - Singer(R) Sewing Custom Curtains, Shades, and Top Treatments A Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Making and Installing Window Decor by Susan Woodcock

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