Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Peterpan 2.1 Quart Hot Water Bottle with Removable Plush Cat Cover

This item, the Peterpan 2.1 Quart Hot Water Bottle with Removable Plush Cat Cover is such a cute way to stay warm! I just love the cat on this rubber hot bottle! It's super cute and like all the others includes a zippered area or a slot for inserting the water bottle. The black cat is so cute and anyone, adult or child could adore this bottle. It's such a nicer way to keep warm for any reason then using electric and an easier way to keep a temperature that is comfortable for a long time, verse reheating a microwave bean filled item, which does smell and loses heat fast!
The size is even nicer when it comes to hot water bottles. You can actually soothe any part of the body, especially the tummy. It's got enough room to cover a great amount of area on the body,
keeping you warm and toastie when it's cold or just to heal and soothe a painful back, shoulder, stomach and much more! Plus, cleaning the rubber bottle is easier with simply removing it from the cat, and when you need to place it back in, it's not difficult and slides in easily. Finally, for a nontoxic product, it's a natural way to heal with warm heat that is kept for a longer time and doesn't require any plugs! Plus, who doesn't love a kitty cat that is soft and comfortable for anyone to use!
Product Information:
  • 100% Polyester
  • There is No BPA nor Phthalates and ECO-FRIENDLY in Peterpan Hot water bottle,BPA Free so there is little risk of an allergic reaction during prolonged contact . We take great care in bringing to you the finest Hot water bottle that not only promotes your well-being but that of the environment as well
  • UL TEST has made sure that the products meet proprietary specifications-None BPA Phthalates.We have subjected our bottles to rigorous third-party testing to confirm that our bottles, to the furthest extent of current scientific knowledge, are completely safe
  • Keep warm and cozy on those long cold winter nights with one of these PETERPAN hot water bottles with removable cat plush covers. This super soft plush padded cat cover is 100% polyester and is machine washable. The Cat comes with a hot water bottle in his tummy to provide warm hugs.Under Cat's tummy is a discreet velcro fastening from which the rubber bottle can be accessed for filling or removed,The cover has a Velcro close
  • Material: 55% Natural Rubber,2-liter capacity,The bottle's high rubber content and one mold manufacturing process means the bottle is soft and smooth to touch.The plush cover is made from non-allergenic fabric and is designed not to shed.The hot water bottle has been designed keeping in mind the comfort of the user and are easy to use
  • Perfect for children, adults of all ages! A cat is perfect to cuddle with at bedtime. The warmth of the hot water helps you fall asleep. Some of its other benefits and uses- soothing aches and pains, melting away muscular tension, menstrual pain comfort, diminishing arthritis pain, soothing children, television companion, dog and cat's warm friend, camping, sleeping bag warmer... the benefits are endless! All you need is access to hot water- no electricity, no microwave- all natural relief!
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